EXO News Dec 15

Hue Festival Dates for 2016

The 9th annual Hue Festival is set to take place between the 29th April and the 4th May 2016. Delivering a cultural and historical showcase, the festival celebrates the 380th anniversary of Hue’s formation and development, as well as the 710th anniversary of the founding of Thuan Hoa-Phu Xuan-Thua Thien-Hue.

Throughout the festival period there will be a number of activities including both cultural and artistic events promoting local socio-economic development. These events will include ‘Royal Night’, ‘Orient Legends’ and a Water music program on the Huong River in Gia Hoi Park, performances by the internationally renowned DJ, Tiësto. Alongside these performances there will be a Beer Carnival and international food exhibitions plus much more.

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EXO Events UK team up with Belmond Luxury Hotels and Singapore Airlines for Myanmar FAM

The EXO Events UK team have recently returned from their latest trip to Myanmar, as part of a familiarisation journey for UK Event Managers in partnership with Belmond Luxury Hotels and Singapore Airlines.

The trip was a huge success and spanned the breadth of Myanmar’s most sought after offerings, from the cityscape of the country’s former capital, Yangon, to the temple studded plains of Bagan. The group cruised stretches of the gently winding Mekong between Yangon and Bagan by traditional sampan, while enjoying the setting of the sun over Myanmar’s breathtaking surroundings.

The journey also took them by horse and cart, and by hot air balloon, unveiling such wonders as the Clay Pot Mountain and observing the sun rise over the spires of the temples.

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The Kunming-Singapore Railway Project Gets Underway

A major section of the Kunming-Singapore railway project got underway this month as work began on a 427km section of track stretching from the Laos capital, Vientiane, to Boten on the Chinese border.

Upon completion in an estimated 5-years time, the railway will connect with the Chinese lines reaching up to Kunming in the north, and Thailand’s railway network from Nong Khai, just across the Mekong from Vientiane.

The overarching goal of the project is the institution of a 3000km railway network between Kunming and Singapore, which will stretch through China, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia.

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Malaysia’s Mount Kinabalu Summit Trail Re-Opens

Earthquakes in June 2015, resulted in the closure of the Mount Kinabalu Summit Trail. The advisory board has since declared the trail re-opened since December 1st.

Those wishing to tackle the climb to the summit of Mount Kinabalu may now head up there using the easterly Ranau Trail via Aki view point. Authorities are also working hard to re-open the longer south-westerly route, the Kota Belud Trail, though this is not due to be ready until sometime in 2016.

The Masilau Trail and Resort will remain closed indefinitely due to irreparable damages caused by the quakes.

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