At EXO Travel, we’re experts at crafting tailor-made journeys that appeal to travellers of all types. Whether it’s a lackadaisical beachside getaway or a full-on adrenaline-inducing thriller, we’ve got options aplenty to suit any need.

If it’s adventure that’s being sought, we’ve got good news: our dedicated in-destination teams see to it that our clients are empowered with the tools, knowledge and expertise they need to turn their dreams into reality.

EXO Adventure specialises in kinetic journeys that beckon travellers to explore Asia on the move. They oversee the safety, logistics, planning and vetting of all our Adventure tours. Whether by paddle, foot or bicycle, we’ve got incredible, fully customisable and purpose-built options available.

On Foot:

Bringing it back to the basics, our trekking adventures are the most quintessential form of travel. The advantages of travelling on foot are multiple. First, the slower pace allows one considerable time to explore areas and have interactions that might otherwise be missed. Second, it allows one to really take in the splendour of an environment.

In the sleepy town of Luang Prabang, for example, it’s not hard to find manifestations of local culture. Our Luang Prabang High Mountains Trek takes this undeniably charming aspect of the area and brings it to the next level –literally. Leaving behind the comforts of the city, guests head high into the surrounding mountains to visit remote hilltribe communities. It’s a sensational opportunity to meet and mingle with some of Laos’ most pristine cultural outposts.

Another great example of an adventure that can only be done on foot is our awesome Trek the Headhunters Trail in Borneo. This tour brings guests through pristine rainforests along trails used by once-feared headhunting tribes. After a pleasantly gruelling trek, guests then meet with the tribe in their village and stay with them in longhouses in the middle of the jungle.

By Pedal:

For adventure-seekers with a love of ‘the road’, we’ve got an entire range of tours designed around some of Asia’s most scenic and unforgettable cycling routes. In adventures like our Cycling Bali’s Remote East Coast tour, venture on and off road into scenic and difficult-to-access areas such as remote villages, active volcanoes and coastal viewpoints. The advantage of cycling tours is their balance between speed and pace. Getting from one place to the next is relatively fast, which maximises the use of time, while also having ample opportunity to stop and enjoy the scenery.

By Paddle:

Sometimes, the best way to experience Asia is to step off dry land and explore its waters. Part of what makes exploring Asia through its waters so unique is that, often, the natural wonders are only a small part of what makes them so memorable. In our Kayak Phang Nga Bay tour, for example, guests not only explore otherworldly limestone formations jutting out of the Andaman Sea (also the setting for Man With the Golden Gun), but they also come face-to-face with a community of Moken Sea Gypsies, who have lived exclusively on the waters of this area for centuries.


Choosing the less-travelled path, EXO Adventure also has a range of tours which blur the lines between trekking, cycling and paddling adventures. These multi-sport tours head to some of Asia’s most dramatic and unforgettable locations, allowing travellers to get a uniquely well-rounded perspective of our destinations.

Our Multi-Sport – Angkor Hike & Bike tour allows guests to experience an entirely different side of Cambodia’s most iconic attraction by ushering them far off the beaten trail. Setting off on bikes, they head through charming rural areas for a taste of local life before visiting Tonle Sap Lake, trekking Phnom Krom Hill and eventually reaching the fabled spires of Angkor through a series of trails which pass by little-seen temples.

Our Multisport-Authentic Golden Triangle: Myanmar, Thailand & Laos tour takes a similar approach to allowing guests to visit a multitude of hard-to-reach places through a combination trekking, cycling and boat rides; an epic 14-day, 13-night multi-country odyssey.

Always Ready:

The great thing about adventure travel in Asia is that truly transformative experiences can take place any time of the year.

Most of Southeast Asia is locked in an eternal summer, where cold rarely hampers the fun. Even during the monsoon season, which can usher in substantial amounts of rain, there is still plenty of fun to be had. In fact, some destinations flourish because of the rain. We’ve even developed a line of ‘green season’ tours which capitalise on the explosion of lush foliage that emerge from the jungles of Southeast Asia this time of year.

Don’t want to risk an adventure being spoiled by rain? No problem. Because the yearly Monsoon is funnelled in a specific path every year, different areas of the region experience its effects at different times of the year. When it’s ‘green season’ in Thailand and other countries, Malaysia and Indonesia enjoy their driest times of the year. Interested in adventure? Reach out to our team, they’ve love to hear from you!