Top Takeaways from ITB Berlin 2015

A Long Time Coming: Mobile Grips the Travel Industry

From booking on-the-go to using bespoke apps for checking in and replacing room keys at hotels, the inevitable sweeping change of mobile technology is finally making bigger strides into the travel industry. At ITB Berlin we heard that by 2020, there will be around 18 billion smartphones and tablets in use around the world. Travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, airlines – any and all stakeholders in the industry must be prepared to harness the opportunities of going mobile or face the consequences of not doing so. Disruptive technology is a term that has been thrown around for what seems like an eternity, but companies that strive to embed the right technologies as part of their core strategies can really thrive.


International Growth in Outbound Tourism and Long-Haul Travel

IPK International released a report this year that unveiled how most of the world’s markets had enjoyed continued growth in the outbound travel sector. The report noted that the growth was largely driven by Asia with China proving to be one of the world’s most lucrative future markets. This was echoed at ITB Berlin where it was put forward the China was ‘the outbound market of the future’.


Long-haul travel was also reported by IPK International to have experienced more significant growth than short-haul destinations, with Thailand and China claiming spots in the top-five list of long-haul destinations. Despite the UK and USA enjoying the top positions Asia took the crown, experiencing 7% growth from inbound European markets.


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