Asia: Experiences From Above!

Overlooking the sprawling terrain from high volcanic peaks, soaring through the lush jungle canopy along a web of ziplines, gliding across the atmosphere over UNESCO wonders… this is Asia from Above!

There is no doubt that on-the-ground immersion within a destination offers some of the most rewarding aspects of travel. The uniqueness of everyday life, deep-rooted traditions, local hospitality and culinary delights- they all expose their quirks and attractions to those who are willing to dive beneath the surface. But there’s another side of travel that offers an equally unique perspective- one that not so many people encounter during their adventures abroad.

Introducing: Asia From Above

From adventurous expeditions and hands-on encounters to spectating soars and invigorating flights, we have a broad range of itineraries that provide clients a more atmospheric glimpse of our inspiring destinations.

Taking the Bird’s Eye View

Regardless of the destination, the experience of soaring through the sky is always mesmerising. Combine the ethereal encounter with some of the world’s most stunning locations and you’ve got a truly inspiring travel experience. While EXO offers a range of skyward encounters, our helicopter tours across Tokyo and Hong Kong (full day and multi day) are two breathtaking ways to soak up the sheer splendour of these metropolitan marvels. Experience two incredible cities like never before… without the traffic jams!

For those keen on a more soothing flight, we have two hot air balloon experiences that are guaranteed to impress. In Myanmar, our Hot Air Balloon Experience Over Bagan is one of the country’s (and continent’s) most classic experiences. Witness the beauty of UNESCO wonders below as the sun slowly creeps above the horizon. Furthermore, our Balloon Experience Over Putrajaya offers another unforgettable aerial view of Malaysia’s stunning architecture and dazzling landscapes.

The Hands-on Approach

Asia has no shortage of active and adventurous travel experiences, and when it comes to aerial encounters, EXO’s offerings are quite extensive. For the true bird’s-eye experience, our Above the Sky tour in Danang, Vietnam enables travellers to paraglide (alongside a trained professional) over the majestic coastline. Culminating with a wildlife encounter along Danang’s Son Tra Peninsula, it’s an outdoor lover’s dream. Reach out to our Vietnam team for more information on this experience.

For those keen on staying (slightly) more grounded, our Flight of the Gibbon tour outside Chiang Mai, Thailand has visitors soaring through the jungle canopy along a web of interconnected ziplines and sky bridges. A similar experience is offered in Laos where ziplines and via ferratas offer an alternative way to see the forests outside Laos’ southern city of Pakse. Continuing along the via ferrata route, EXO Malaysia has crafted a trekking tour that covers Asia and the world’s highest via ferrata, which traverses Sabah’s beautiful Mount Kinabalu. Each encounter offers its own thrilling experiences, plus incredible views that can be found nowhere else.

From Above… with Altitude

There are spectator flight experiences that enable one to sit back and enjoy the ride and there are interactive flight experiences that offer a more hands-on encounter. For those who don’t mind a bit more commitment, EXO Adventure has crafted some incredible trekking options that send travellers above the tree line to get some breathtaking views of the landscapes below. Both focused around grand Indonesian volcanic peaks, our Trekking in Lombok itinerary and Summiting Four Volcanoes tour offer some spectacular high-vantage-point views that are a great reward for conquering the gruelling inclines. For these and many other fantastic trekking options, be sure to reach out to EXO Adventure for some inspiring encounters.