The Nakaesendo was one of two traditional routes that connected Edo (Tokyo) with Kyoto, which was part of the established Five Routes of the Edo Period.

Taking off from Kyoto for the trailhead in Nagoya, begin this historic walking route in the town of Magome. While the Nakasendo covers a total distance of 534 kilometres, this 3-day hike will only visit a few of its most iconic stops. Luggage gets sent ahead as the distance between points is covered on foot, with plenty of restroom, drink and photo breaks taken along the way. Each day crosses through unique, historic destinations and each night is spent in a different, traditional post town. The passage crosses along tiny villages and dense forest, ancient temples and historic architecture, offering real insight into a different, more local Japan. Straying far from the reaches of traditional tourist visits, this old-world walking route is a fantastic choice for travellers looking to become fully immersed in traditional Japan.


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