This year, our sustainability efforts will be taking a giant leap forward through a commitment to offset the carbon emissions of every domestic and regional flight our travellers take in all our destinations. This will result in a massive ten-fold improvement from the already substantial 332 tonnes we’ve offset in these destinations since 2015.

To achieve these goals, we’ll be working in signed partnership with NEXUS for Development to support a three-pronged carbon offset strategy: investing in clean water, improving local livelihoods and providing access to clean, renewable energy.

By nurturing social enterprises to develop ceramic water filtration systems in Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia, we’ll help to reduce the prevalence of waterborne illnesses, one of the leading causes of poverty, while also creating employment opportunities in local communities. This will help to offset Co2 emissions by reducing fuel consumption while relieving pressures put on local forests.

Furthermore, we’ll be helping to create renewable energy solutions to underprivileged communities which, in turn, will decrease the massive environmental stresses created by some 2.7 million people who are still reliant on wood, charcoal and other solid fuels for cooking and heating.

This is just one way EXO, with the lead of EXO Foundation, extends our commitment to responsible tourism by addressing climate change and helping communities in our travel destinations have improved living standards and quality of life.

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