High Season Price: $524
Green Season Price: $327

Savings: 37%

While most travellers head to Siem Reap to experience the temples of Angkor, they soon discover that the small city has much more to offer than just ancient religious monuments. Khmer culture and cuisine, contemporary resorts, beautiful surrounding countryside, and inspiring NGO’s are just a few of the added benefits to exploring Siem Reap city. This experience combines both the cultural and natural experiences of Siem Reap (featuring some wholly local modes of transport), as well as the essential explorations through the Angkor complex. Green Season in Siem Reap means not only significant price cuts, but also far less visitors, making for a truly comfortable and intimate touring experience. Thanks to Siem Reap’s plethora of cultural attractions, there are a range of optional experiences to add on to the itinerary, from Cambodian circus shows to Khmer dining accompanied by traditional Aspara dancers.

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