Northern Laos and Yunnan Province in China have much more in common than just a border frontier. The two share a number of characteristics including rich ethnic culture, stunning valleys and tropical mountain landscapes. This adventure makes the natural link between the destinations, offering an immersive introduction to this picture-perfect corner of the world. The journey gets underway in Kunming, the cosmopolitan capital of Yunnan and a fine place to sample the feel of a big Chinese city. After leaving the urban whirl behind, guests proceed to the southern reaches of Yunnan where they will meet Lahu and Bulang ethnic groups and visit ancient pagodas. Crossing into Laos, the route proceeds through some of the prettiest countryside in the region, cool, clean rivers providing options for kayaking and swimming and later cruising. The journey ends in Luang Prabang, a one-time seat of royalty that retains a peaceful charm.

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