The majesty and grace of Thailand are not to be missed! There’s a reason why the country is on many people’s ‘have to go to’ list. The weather: warm and tropical with sunny days during the winter months, is a far cry from the cold and snowy days many countries in the west get. The people are also super friendly and always looking to have fun. And you can’t question the heritage. The temples are beautiful and an aspect of Thai history the people are proud of. So, without further ado, let’s head to the capital Bangkok, also known as the City of Angels.

You’ll be impressed with Bangkok from the moment you exit the airport. The city is a sprawling metropolis which gladly accommodates the modern with the traditional. See tall skyscrapers, malls and restaurants side by side with local temples, roadside food stalls and devout Buddhist followers. Your first day here is at complete leisure.

Awake the next morning for a proper orientation of Bangkok, at none other than the Grand Palace. The complex is filled with some of the most glittering and impressive temples you’ll see. While here, you will also get the privilege of peeking into one of the religion’s most important relics; The Emerald Buddha.

From here, walk down the street to the city’s largest and oldest temple, Wat Pho. This is home to a huge golden Reclining Buddha statue, one of the world’s largest. The records don’t end there; Wat Pho is home to more than one thousand Buddha images, more than any other temple in the country. After touring the monastery, why not soothe those muscle right here at Wat Pho, the official birthplace of Thai massage.

Continue exploring Bangkok at your own pace before transferring this afternoon to the Bangkok Railway station. The comfortable air-conditioned sleeper train is a fun way to travel to the northern city of Chiang Mai. The view of the vast countryside from your window is just superb!

The train will arrive in Chiang Mai in the morning, giving you the full day to explore the Rose of the North. The city may not as modern as the capital, but it still incorporates today’s take on the sprawling metro with even more remnants of yesterday’s old world charm. The history here is rich with Lanna culture and heritage, and it is quite evident from the architectural styles of the temples and structures.

A visit to Chiang Mai would be incomplete without climbing up Doi Suthep mountain for a visit to the temple, named after the peak you just traveled up on. Situated over 1000 meters above ground, you’re sure to get a great view! And just reward for the effort you put into the stair climb.

This Thailand Discovery Tour is the perfect introduction to the country, its culture and its friendly people. If you can’t get enough of Thailand, then perhaps one of our Thai tours may satisfy your need for more.