No structure defies the law of physics much like the Golden Rock in Kyaikhto, Myanmar. Rub your eyes if you will, but that rock is precariously placed on the edge of the cliff, about to roll over….but hasn’t, and for so many centuries already. And what’s that on top of the rock? A pagoda? Yes, this is no make belief. This is reality, this is a truly holy place.

This physics defying relic, also known as Kyaikhto Pagoda is about 160 kilometers from Yangon. It is situated at an elevation of 1,100 meters above mean sea level, on top of the Kyaiktiyo Hill The aforementioned pagoda is somewhat small, about 7.3 meters high and sits on top of a big boulder. According to legend, the rock sits on top of Buddha’s hair. Perhaps that is enough of an explanation to the rock’s almost miraculous balancing act.

Because of the rock’s history and possibly even its phenomenal state, it has been one of Myanmar’s holiest places and a site for regular pilgrimage. The boulder itself is gold, a result of golden leaves which is now totally covered with gold leaves pasted on by devotees throughout the years. The height of the pilgrimage season is anytime in between the months of November through to March.

The granite boulder lies on an inclined plane and the area of contact between the two is extremely small. There is a sheer vertical drop in the rock face, into the valley below. It really appears to be falling down at any moment.

Check the important relic out during dawn and dusk. It is said that the holy site gleams in different shades throughout the day and are especially unique during these two different times of day. Pilgrims’ chants on-site whilst the lighting of candles, deep meditation and offerings to Buddha continues deep into the night.

Need to see the place for personally in order to believe it for yourself? Go on ahead, feast your eyes on Kyaikhto Pagoda. Sometimes, you just have to see things for yourself in order to believe it. And why not let Burma entice you even more? See what our Myanmar tours will do for you.