The use of captive elephants in tourist attractions too often involves unnecessary suffering and cruelty. EXO Travel has decided to review all the elephant camps we have been working with and only recommend those respecting the welfare of pachyderms as well as of their caretakers, the mahouts. The wellbeing of Asia’s most beloved creatures is an EXO priority.  They symbolize the beauty of our landscapes, the passion of our people and the power of our ideas.  Elephants and EXO will share a sustainable future with your help.

The solution to sustaining the elephant population is multi-faceted, involving government intervention and long-term planning, but also every visitor and tourist’s participation. EXO Travel was invited to become a member of a working group set up by World Animal Protection to facilitate the improvement of elephant venues from ‘unacceptable’ to ‘elephant-friendly’ standards.

We have developed EXO guidelines for wildlife viewing and protection.