Celebrate Myanmar New Year 2016

Of all the celebrations that characterise life in Myanmar, few are more colourful than Thingyan (Burmese new year). The festival strikes a balance between the spiritual and earthly, with ancient Buddhist traditions sitting easily with good, old fashioned, fun.

In common with neighbouring countries Thailand and Laos, water is central element of the revelries here. Guests can join in the fun as the people of Yangon gather in public to splash each other with water – metaphorically “washing away” the sins of the previous year. The atmosphere is hugely festive with lots of singing and dancing, in both traditional and modern style.

After the rambunctious celebrations in Yangon, a more leisurely pace can be enjoyed at Ngwe Saung Beach, a paradisiacal haven on the Bay of Bengal. As in Yangon, there’s plenty of splashing here, but the beach setting offers plenty of scope for kicking back.

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