There isn’t a more romantic sounding river than the Perfume River. You can just picture gallons and gallons of sweet smelling, classy and high end Versace or Yves Saint Laurent perfume flowing along the river. And those bottles you have at home are fetched directly from here. Well, would it surprise you that the river itself actually produces a pleasant fragrance? That’s because in autumn, flowers and orchids upriver from Hue drop into the water, giving off that nice and pleasant aroma. And on top of that, it’s sweet sounding and romantic name.

The river itself lends to the romanticism, charm and appeal of Hue. Don’t forget, this was once the imperial capital. Interesting sites like past emperor’s tombs, mausoleums and citadels are here. And the Perfume River meanders its way to some of these sites.  It naturally flows in a south-north direction passes the Hon Chen and Ngoc Tran temples, then several plains, the Troung Son Mountain and eventually to Nguyen Dynasty’s emperors’ tombs.

Of course you can take a boat ride on the Perfume River to see these sites. Or if you just like to absorb the environment via river boat cruise, then this is also quite feasible.

What if we tell you that you can soothe in the aura and atmosphere of the area with a private sunset dinner cruise on the Perfume River? Yes, you can. Slowly cruise along as the historic sites slowly drift you by while you enjoy a meal fit for royalty with our Imperial Treasures tour. It is only fitting, since you are in Hue and have the Perfume River to yourself.