For those keen on discovering the intricacies of authentic Chinese cuisine, this half-day experience offers some practical insight. Heading down one of Beijing’s iconic hutongs (traditional alleys), take part in a hands-on course learning to either prepare traditional dumplings from scratch or how to prepare dishes unique to three different regions.


Under the guidance of a local chef, ball, knead and roll out dough, learn how to make natural dyes from fresh vegetables and discover just how this delicacy became one of China’s most prized foods. Alternatively, learn about the differences between China’s regional cuisine and discover what makes each region’s offerings so flavourful and unique. After the course, enjoy eating the day’s creations.
An additional benefit to this experience is its location. Being based in Beijing’s hutongs, guests can enjoy the unique feeling of being in one of the city’s last traditional areas. Either before or after the course, enjoy wandering these narrow neighbourhoods for a veritable walk through Beijing’s history.


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