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EXO Adventures are all about journeying off the established trails, discovering new cultures and creating unforgettable memories through a combination of physical activity and breathtaking scenery. We've carefully crafted each of these tours to quench the thirsts of travellers looking for journeys that go far beyond ordinary and skirt the lines of their comfort zones. 


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From the remote corners of the Himalayas in Myanmar and the fabled karst mountains of Vietnam to the volcanic wonders of Indonesia, adventure waits around every corner in Asia. Let us show you the very best the region has to offer.

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local teams, epic experiences

Because real adventures require extra tools, planning, assets and safety considerations, we've created EXO Adventure as a specialised and semi-autonomous unit of EXO Travel.

This enables EXO Adventure to leverage the contracting and cost advantages of a large DMC while remaining nimble enough to provide the personalised services of a small tour operator. Consequently, EXO Adventure is able to deliver the sort of adventurous experiences that only small local teams with a deep passion for and knowledge of adventure can execute.

In each destination, our Adventure teams work seamlessly together to ensure unfaltering safety precautions are put into place and that trip quality remains consistently high.

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Our favourite adventures

We'll be the first to admit it: adventure gets us more than just a little excited. While it's hard to pick, here are some of our favourite adventures to get you thinking about what's possible through EXO Adventures.


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