Responsible Travel Rating System

How Does the EXO Responsible Travel Rating System Work?

A comprehensive rating scheme has been created by the EXO Sustainability Team to evaluate the sustainability practices of the travel experiences and tours that we operate. Below you can find the five responsible travel categories and their assessment criteria.





  • Carbon Friendly

    • Best alternatives available for transport are chosen to operate walking, trekking, hiking and cycling tours.
    • CO2 compensation when private motorised vehicles are used during the tour. 
  • Cultural Interaction

    • Respectful interaction with locals such opportunities for genuine discussion between locals and travellers.
    • Learning experience with a local expert (non-guides) where there is direct revenue given in exchange to families and/or individuals.
    • At least one cultural trait/know-how how is shared with travellers.
  • Social Impact

    • Part of the price of the tour goes to a social business such as vocational training centers and local associations, or, given to a community based initiative.
    • These social enterprises/businesses must contribute directly to address a social community need.
  • Make a Difference

    • A donation to a non-profit organisation is included in the price of the tour. This donation supports:
      • Wildlife and biodiversity conservation
      • Arts and culture protection
      • Disadvantaged people/community
    • Part of the price of the tour goes to an activity/workshop educating travellers on sustainability related issues such as organic farming practices and more.
  • Local Benefits

    • At least 30% of the cost of the tour goes back to local people (excluding transport and guides). This follows the simple criteria of a 30-70% ratio.
    • Only EXO self-operated experiences are included as the exact amount to accrue back to the locals is known. Third party suppliers are NOT included.

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