Vivacious Vietnam

Rooted in a tradition of emperors and ancient myths, steeped in colonial history and poised for the full embrace of the modern world, Vietnam offers a fascinating blend of iconic landscapes, mystic temples, charming cultures and delicious food. It's a package that's perfectly suited for dignified travellers looking for something a little different.

From the windswept peaks of the far north to bustling streets of former Saigon and lazy bends of the Mekong River, Vietnam luxury holidays leave guests riveted at every corner. As the first foreign-owned travel company in Vietnam, we are proud of EXO's deep connection with the country. With LUXE by EXO, guests experience the very best that EXO has created in its nearly 25 years of operation there.


Featured Vietnam Luxury Holiday

Vietnam in Style

10 Days / 9 Nights
Cai Be / Ninh Binh / Ha Long Bay / Hanoi
Ho Chi Minh City / Hue / Danang / Hoi An

Take a stylish getaway from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and all the gems in between. Go beyond the guidebooks and experience exclusive tours that dive deep into the heart of a country awash with culture, charm and intrigue. Add luxury hotels and jaw-dropping landscapes into the mix for a Vietnam luxury holiday like no other.

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Hand Crafted Tours

Each LUXE by EXO tour in Vietnam is carefully crafted to the specifications of guests to ensure their perspective of this beautiful and mysterious nation is both authentic and inspiring while also providing the special touches of exclusivity and opulence that differentiates LUXE travel from standard touring.

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Hand Picked Hotels

Guests with any hesitations about the quality of accommodation in Vietnam will quickly have their worries whisked away while enjoying the sumptuous hotels and resorts on offer with LUXE by EXO. From charming lodges high in the mountains of Vietnam's northern frontier to dazzling beachside resorts overlooking tranquil seas of the south, we've chosen the very best world-class hotels in Vietnam to pamper guests with.

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Hand Picked Experiences

Incredible exclusive travel experiences don't require massive amounts of time. Our full and half-day tours in Vietnam offer guests the same special treatment and authentic, transformative experiences in bite-sized chunks of time that can easily fill gaps in a busy itinerary.

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