Timeless China

For millennia, China has laid out the 'red carpet' for dignified visitors in hyperbolic fashion, planting the seeds of a reputation for fabled riches and exotic culture that lingers to this day. China remains hallowed ground for travellers in search of transformative journeys gilded with luxurious accompaniments and royal treatment.

Whether gliding down the Yangtze River on a lavishly restored 'junk boat' or retracing the routes of the Silk Road Trail which has hosted travellers for centuries, the rich tapestry of cultural, natural and culinary delights offers visitors a taste of the rare and exotic that's seemingly tailormade for luxury travel in China.


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China in Style

17 Days / 16 Nights
Chengdu / Xi'an / Mutianyu Great Wall /
Beijing / Lhasa / Lijiang

Experience the magic of luxury travel in China and Tibet. Gain exclusive access to famous villages, soar above UNESCO Heritage sites by helicopter and connect with local culture in a way that only a few get to experience. Combined with stylish hotels and indulgent dining, this is the ultimate China experience.

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Hand Crafted Tours

From top to bottom, LUXE by EXO tours in China are designed to empower guests with unmatched local knowledge, support and expertise so the magic of this vast and ancient country unravels before them in the most memorable, comfortable and convenient way possible.

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Hand Picked Hotels

While exploring the highlights and hidden treasures of China, LUXE by EXO guests are treated to the very finest accommodation in the country. Whether it's exclusive rooms in lavish hotels or an incredible 'glamping' experience surrounded by nature, we make sure that our China experiences are as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

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Hand Picked Experiences

For those looking to add on an immersive yet luxurious full or half-day experience to their travel plans in China, we've crafted some incredible short tours that offer all the advantages of a full-on LUXE journey: authenticity, exclusivity and unparalleled comfort, in convenient and easy to do packages.

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