EXO Travel


Whether you have a group of 200 students doing a stopover in Singapore, a family reunion in Japan, a group of museum curators wanting special access to private collections in China or anything in between, we have specialised teams on hand with the creative and logistical expertise to put together incredible itineraries that are perfectly suited to the needs of the group at a price that's right for them.


We've been pioneering unique journeys in Asia for more than two decades. Across each of the ten countries we operate in, we've developed in-depth tours that go far beyond the surface to reveal the heart of each destination. Along with our team of local and in-destination travel experts and time-tested logistics expertise, we combine encyclopedic knowledge of the region with a progressive vision to make us one of Asia's most trusted and exciting travel companies for group travel.


Working with our specialised departments in luxury, adventure, events, family travel, budget groups, language teams and more, our Groups department can confidently cater to all your needs. Whether it's building a makeshift helipad in a rainforest, making a trip to Singapore affordable for 200 students, a large family holiday to Vietnam or a standared one-off group tour of Indochina, our teams are ready and eager to handle your request.


We undertand that pricing is always a key factor and are able to leverage the buying power that comes from operating holidays for over 150,000 passengers each year to deliver incredible custom-made tours for groups that maintain the high levels of service EXO is known for, but at an extraordinary value that guests will love.


With more than 25 years of experience operating group tours across Asia, there's no shortage of examples where we made dreams come true through incredible shared travel experiences.

  • Malaysia

    Borneo Luxury Jungle Adventure

    From vibrant waterways to jungles teaming with wildlife, we brought 20 guests on an unforgettable journey through wild and exotic Borneo. After a visit through historic Sandakan, they cruised up the jungle-lined Kinabatangan River before entering the 'Lost Word' of Danum Valley to explore its pristine, hidden tropical rainforests. Afterwards, they kicked back and relaxed on a stunning tropical island where a lovely flower arrangement congratulating a couple who had been celebrating their 44th wedding anniversary was left as a special 'EXO Touch' to exceed their expectations.
  • Singapore

    Student stopover

    Famed not just for its metropolitan wonders, but also it atmospheric prices, we arranged for a group of 200 students to discover Singapore's most iconic attractions while maintaining a shoestring budget. From cultural exploration of ethnic enclaves and cruising the Singapore River to touring Marina Bay and a walk around the futuristic 'super trees' of Gardens by the Bay, students were treated to the very finest experiences Singapore has to offer.
  • Laos

    Groupe Palatine

    Arranged for a group of French travellers, the magical combination of cultural intrigue and natural wonders of Laos was enfused with a French twist. With classic highlights such as visiting Kuang Si Waterfalls and cruising down the Mekong River, their journey was interspersed with elements of French culture which are elegantly intertwined with Lao culture from the French colonial influence. Highlights included dining on French fusion cuisine in an old colonial building and an enjoyable game of petanque.
  • China

    High-end entrepreneur trip

    While attending a conference in Macau, we arranged pre and post-trip explorations of Shanghai and Hong Kong for a group of 36 business owners from the USA. Combining unique experiences such as sampling local cuisine, cycling on vintage bikes and learning about architecture with special touches of luxury like soaring over Hong Kong in helicopters and yachting in Shanghai, the group was treated to a multiplicity of delights while discovering the incredible contrasts of China.
  • Myanmar

    Bagan Marathon Group

    Over the course of nine days including six races and 101 runners, we created a one-off running events across six spectacular locations across Myanmar organised with seamless logistics that ensured that the entire event was a success. From hydration stands, first aid, security, race logistics, accommodation, transport, meals and of course massages afterwards, this was a fantastic tailor-made group trip that went well beyond the expectations of guests.
  • Southeast Asia

    A Journey By Private Jet

    A private tour of superlative style and comfort, our multi-country jet tour took guests on a journey through Southeast Asia’s most iconic ancient kingdoms. Showcasing Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Luang Prabang as well as the jungles and beaches of Cambodia, it tapped into the very best of luxury travel in the region including stays at two Bill Bensley-designed resorts, an elephant encounter, helicopter tours and fast-track services at immigration and luxury vehicles throughout.
  • Thailand

    Yoga group

    Led by a renowned American yoga master, we arranged an incredible spiritual journey for a group of yoga practitioners to experience, learn about and immerse in the ancient traditions and customs of Thai Buddhist culture. Along with abundant opportunities to practice yogo, the trip was ounded off with visits to iconic temples and attractions across the Land of Smiles for a spiritual journey that ticked all the boxes.
  • Thailand


    We organized a trip for a French company association, giving the opportunity to coworkers and relatives to get to know each other out of their working environment, develop links and relations in a friendly atmosphere. The group stayed on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand, for a week, escaping from their daily routine and enjoying the white sandy beaches and crystalline water of the island.