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We are leaders in Asia at providing imaginative incentives to help businesses motivate staff and accomplish their goals. We understand that to boost effort and productivity, incentives need to go beyond ordinary to capture imaginations. Our fresh and exciting range of incentives do this while maintaining outstanding levels of professionalism.

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Vietnam is an intoxicating blend of vibrant traditional cities, intriguing history, great food and stunning natural landscapes. The country's unique atmosphere delivers unforgettable adventures balanced with deep cultural encounters that attendees will not soon forget. Our profound experience will ensure a seamless and memorable group experience.



Thailand is one of the top MICE destinations in Southeast Asia, providing an endless selection of inspiring activities, breathtaking landscapes, world-class restaurants, hotels, galleries and nightclubs. Its top-notch amenities combined with traditional customs, ancient traditions and excellent transport make it a favoured choice among many groups.



Cambodia combines a rich cultural heritage and exotic setting that's perfect for MICE groups looking for a uniquely memorable experience. The broad range of engaging activities we have for groups and events, set against the backdrop of some of the world's most fascinating temples and landscapes, is sure to inspire anyone.



Deep-rooted cultures, breathtaking landscapes, friendly locals and hospitality make Laos an attractive choice for MICE groups. Its laid back, picturesque towns are perfect tonic after a day of activity. Although it's not the first place that comes to mind when planning MICE events, that's exactly why it's a perfect choice.



The 'Golden Land' of Myanmar combines raw natural beauty with charming traditionally-dressed locals, innate hospitality and an ever-growing list of amenities. These not only make MICE events in the country possible, but increasingly attractive as a uniquely exotic destination that will be sure to trigger excitement in any MICE group.



Indonesia is a vast melting pot of adventurous opportunity, compelling terrain and gripping cultures. Nowhere in Asia can such diverse landscapes be found in such close proximity, making possibilities for group itineraries incredibly exciting. From beaches in Bali to temples in Java, we've got unforgettable options to offer for MICE.



Japanese culture is known worldwide for its fusion of centuries-old artistic traditions and cutting-edge technology. Its unique offerings of natural beauty and historical legacy have resulted in an overwhelming number of World Heritage sites that provide the perfect inspiration for gala dinners or team building exercises for MICE events.



From the Great Wall of China in Beijing to the Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an and the timeless landscapes of Shangrila, China is the perfect stage for crafting once in a lifetime events. Our expertise in this vast and challenging country ensures smooth experiences and activities that will exceed all expectations.



From steaming rainforests in Borneo to steaming bowls of Laksa in Penang and stunning beaches in between, Malaysia offers abundant tropical delights and cultural intrigue to motivate even the most hard-to-impress of travellers. Our wide range of exciting incentive options in Malaysia are the perfect way to motivate any workforce.



This ultra-modern island nation boasts an extraordinarily large range of enticing MICE venues and activities for its small size. Combined with some of the best infrastructure in the world and an extremely business-friendly environment, few countries in Asia can match Singapore for the ease of handling and confidence-inspiring quality of service as Singapore.


“A huge thank you to the EXO team for excellent work done delighting our guests. Everything went flawlessly.”

400 construction executives travelling from France to Bali / Human Resources Manager

Events Incentives

flexible group sizes

There is no group too big or too small for us handle. We've handled everything from small groups to massive ones of over 1,000 people.

no limits

Imagination is the only limit to options available for incentive travel. If you can dream of it, we can almost surely do it. Just ask!


We operate with specialised MICE teams in each of our destinations to ensure that every event has our undivided attention and is executed without complication.

Above and beyond

We pride ourselves in attention to detail. From the biggest things down to the finest details, we go above and beyond necessary to provide experiences of a lifetime.

Events Incentives


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