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Asia is a veritable cornucopia of options for unique MICE events. Its broad range of amazing cultures, cuisines, landscapes and venues ensures that no event, no matter how big or how small, is without perfectly suitable options to accommodate it. Let our team of MICE experts provide the best solution for your business's needs.

Events in our destinations

Select from the destinations below to view some of our exciting options for events in Asia.



Vietnam offers an excitement factor not found in other countries. With a combination of historic and modern venues that are both culturally interesting and beautiful, there are amazing options to suit any occasion. As the first foreign-owned travel company in Vietnam, our deep connections and knowledge of this amazing country ensures a flawlessly orchestrated event.



Thailand offers an extensive selection of world-class hotels, exquisite restaurants, spectacular beaches, teeming jungles and inspiring temples in which to host events. Alongside this, there are many teambuilding events groups can enjoy such as Muay Thai lessons. Thailand has great appeal and holds true to the saying ‘anything is possible.'



Cambodia provides a fascinating backdrop for events in Asia. An exciting selection of venues make this charismatic country a joy to host events in. Imagine a gala dinner in the Angkor Wat complex or a gourmet dining experience with a tented pavilion in a rice field in the Cambodian countryside.



Those looking for a memorable place to hold an event will find it in Laos. Guided by our in-destination MICE expertise, the country's abundant natural wonder, cultural intrigue and growing portfolio of venues offering top-notch amenities create a uniquely well-suited environment for events in Asia.



From temples and rivers to local houses and village monasteries, Myanmar offers an incrediblly wide selection of venues for holding memorable events. Our on-the-ground experts ensure that, despite the developing nature of the country, each event is arranged and executed to perfection to provide guests with a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.



Indonesia provides endless possibilities for memorable events within Asia. Whether in the Sultan's Palace in Yogyakarta, during traditional Balinese dance, or while overlooking sunrise at Borobudur, incredibly intriguing options are in abundance for almost any occasion. Our highly experienced team of MICE experts ensure that it is all arranged flawlessly.



Japan's not only steeped in culture and blessed with beguiling landscapes, it's also one of Asia's most hospitable nations. Combined with world-class infrastructure, modern technology and undeniable charm, there may be no better place in Asia to hold events. Our in-destination experts ensure that events are arranged flawlessly and efficiently.



China’s world-class venues and state of the art technology, along with its ancient architectural wonders and rich cultural heritage, make it the perfect destination for crafting extraordinary events. Our in-destination MICE experts have found the very best options in China to provide clients with an unrivaled selection of unforgettable events.



The strength of Malaysia's connections to the rest of the world and range of attractive attributes such as a tropical climate, great food, solid infrastructure and friendly people make Malaysia a natural choice for hosting events in Asia. Combined with our expertise, events of any size can be easily arranged.



With its central location within Southeast Asia and business-friendly demeanor, Singapore is the perfect place to host MICE events. No matter how big or small the occasion, our team of in-destination experts are able to work out the absolute best option for your event.


“The whole trip exceeded everyone's expectations. Without exception, every single person had a fabulous time”

147 wholesale distributors travelling from Australia to Cambodia / Managing Director

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There is no group too big or too small for us handle. We've handled everything from small groups to massive ones of over 1,000 people.

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Imagination is the only limit to options available for group events. If you can dream of it, we can almost surely do it. Just ask!


We operate with specialised MICE teams in each of our destinations to ensure that every event has our undivided attention and is executed without complication.

Above and beyond

We pride ourselves in attention to detail. From the biggest things down to the finest details, we go above and beyond necessary to provide experiences of a lifetime.

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