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A well-known aspect of Asian culture is the importance of food. This is reflected not only in the daily activities of people in Asia, but also in the abundance of explosive flavours. Every country has its own take on these flavours, but the result is always the same: unbelievable dining experiences enhanced by unique ambience.



One of the main pillars of Asian cuisine, Vietnamese food is renowned for its delicate balance of fresh and bold flavours. We've created incredible dining events allowing guests to experience the best of these flavours along with some of Vietnam's finest scenery.


Halong bay dining

An unforgettable experience begins with a cruise through the stunning islands of Halong Bay. Then, dine on Vietnamese and Western fare in a secluded cave overlooking a magical jade-green landscape.


Dinner at the Temple of Literature

Embrace Vietnam's rich cultural heritage during an unforgettable dining experience in scenic courtyards of Hanoi's 1,000 year-old Temple of Literature. This is an exclusive opportunity that won't soon be forgotten.


The Citadel in Hue

Step back in time with an 'Imperial Dinner' at the world-famous Hue Citadel. Play the role of an 18th-century Vietnamese aristocrat while dressing in traditional costumes and taking part in an incredible themed gala dinner in this beautiful and historic complex.



Infused with spice and vitality in every bite, Thai food is the perfect excuse to gather and share in the enjoyment of life. Our unique dining events in Thailand offer the best of Thailand's amazing food and venues.

Blue Elephant, Phuket

Experience Phuket's forgotten era while dining in the elegance of century-old Sino-Portuguese architecture. Blue Elephant is a regal dining venue serving exquisite Thai cuisine to the delight of all guests.


Dinner at Kukrit's House

Consisting of teak wood structures and an elaborate garden, Kukrit's House is a captivating venue with a traditional feel. With its traditional performances and great food, it's the perfect place to host events in Bangkok.


Temple Dinner

With exquisite five-star cuisine, traditional dancing, candles and fireworks in the surroundings of age-old temples in Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi and Chiang Mai, group dining doesn't get more magical than Thai temple dinners.




Although Cambodian food isn't as famous as its neighbours, it shares a similar audacity and penchant for bold flavours. Combined with stunning options for scenic ambience, including ancient temples and colonial-era buildings, dining in Cambodia is exceedingly memorable.


Ice Bar Party

Enjoy a themed cocktail party in a luxurious hotel. Illuminated blocks of ice are constructed into an ice bar to create an intriguing setting for private parties that guests will love.


Temple Barbecue

Dine in the company of history on the grounds of a famous temple near Angkor. In these mystic surroundings, enjoy the ambience of a professionally catered event along with exquisite cuisine.


Gala Dinner at the National Museum

Experience the magic of a gala dinner in the spectacularly beautiful grounds of the National Museum in Phnom Penh, which features traditional Khmer architecture, lush gardens and authentic Khmer cuisine.



Sharing a love of spice with northeastern Thailand, food in Laos is punchy and fresh. Our range of dining options leverage the country's lush landscape and hospitality to create dining experiences that are both enjoyable and authentic.

Breakfast at a rice field

Embrace the cool morning air, the relaxing ambience and the verdant traditional surroundings while enjoying an authentic Lao breakfast in a scenic rice field with top-notch service and attention to detail.


Kuang Si Waterfall Picnic

Enjoy a delicious gourmet picnic served next to the UNESCO World Heritage-recognised Kuang Si Waterfalls near Luang Prabang for an unforgettably scenic dining experience in Laos' most famous natural setting.


Dinner at Wat Phou Temple

While surrounded by the stunning ruins of Wat Phout Temple, take part in an unforgettable dining experience. For those looking for a dining event that guests will be dazzled with, this gala dinner delivers.




The Golden Land of Myanmar is full of suprises. Along with its unique cultural vibes and friendly people, Burmese cuisine offers wonderfully subtle and complex flavours for unique and promising dining experiences.


Sandbank Cocktail at Bagan

Along the banks of the Irrawaddy River, surrounded by age-old temples of a bygone era, dine on Burmese and Western cuisine and be treated to a culinary experience that won't soon be forgotten.


Dinner amongst Bagan's Temples

While soaking up the scenic beauty of Bagan's golden plains and temples, enjoy a spread of authentic Burmese cuisine accompanied by a fascinating traditional performance during a dining event that captures the essence of Myanmar.


Dinner on a beach in Ngapali

Surrounded by the unspoilt beaches of Ngapali, Myanmar's ultimate beach destination, enjoy an evening under the stars and elegant gala-style dinner arrangements. The tropical surroundings and vibes will be sure to put everyone at ease.



In keeping with the country's extraordinary diversity, the range of dining options in Indonesia are as numerous as its islands. We've found the finest dining venues in the archipelago to offer exquisite arrangements that are as delicious as they are desirable.

Cacoon Beach Club, Bali

Nestled amongst swaying palm trees, this luxurious venue combines natural beauty with modern elegance. Fine dining and excellent wine compliment an inviting pool -the ultimate place to hold dinner parties.


Dining at the Sultan's Palace, Java

Enjoy a regal dining experience at one of the Sultan of Java's palaces. The ambience remains royal to this day, with distinct Javanese touches that make for an unbelievably unique dining encounter.


Metis, Bali

Enjoy a Mediterranean menu complemented with European-inspired decór at Metis, a first-rate dining venue in Bali with an inspired gallery and peaceful garden that's perfect for entertaining large groups for dining.




Offering one of the world's favourite food genres and perfect fusion between old and new, Japan is one of Asia's most exciting places to dine. Our top-notch dining events are designed to bring guests to the heart of Japan through its cuisine and hospitality.


Temple in Kyoto

Enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at one of Japan's most picturesque UNESCO-recognised temples in Kyoto. While dining on incredible Japanese cuisine, soak up the timeless architecture and unique dining atmosphere of the temple.


Garden Oriental Kyoto

While surrounded by meticulously sculpted Japanese gardens and ponds, enjoy an exclusive group dining experience accompanied by amazing Japanese cuisine and the stunning backdrop of Kyoto and its traditional architecture.


Taikoen in Osaka

Enjoy a zen-inspired dining experience in Taikoen, where the calmness of manicured lawns along with colourful gardens and ponds create the perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy a truly Japanese experience.



The importance of food in China is evidenced by a culinary heritage as deep as its history -more than 5,000 years! Our dining events, balancing China's traditional charm and incredible cuisine, are some of the best in Asia.

Junk Cruise in Hong Kong

Hop onboard a traditional junk boat and, accompanied by music and an open bar, explore the smaller southern islands of Hong Kong before being treated to a succulent fresh seafood dinner.


4x4 Jeep in Gansu Desert

Experience a unique and unforgettable 4x4 trip in Gansu's desert of Qinghai. After driving through the impressive sand dunes, settle at the campsite alongside local herdsmen for a delicious BBQ dinner under the stars.


Cycling & Cooking in Yangshuo

A welcome break from the surrounding cities, Yangshuo is a natural oasis. Enjoy a morning cycling tour through the countryside encountering local life. Hope off the bikes and take part in a classic cooking class inside a traditional Guangxi house.


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