Dare to Experience Vietnam

From towering karst mountains in the northern frontier to flooded plains in the southern Mekong Delta, our specialised Vietnam Adventure travel team has plotted the most adventurous tours Vietnam has to offer.

Adventure in Vietnam

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Shaped like an 'S,' Vietnam is a gorgeous, narrow and sinuous country snaking along the coast of the Indochinese Peninsula. Its abundance of mountains and dramatic karst formations combined with charming ethnic communities throughout make it the perfect place for adventurous touring. Being only 48 kilometres wide at its narrowest point, it's also the perfect place for multi-country touring. 

Adventure in Vietnam

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Vietnam adventure highlights

From the mountains of the far north to the southern waters of the Mekong Delta, Vietnam has a stunning array of natural wonders that make it perfect for adventurous getaways. In combination with historical highlights and World Heritage sites, our Adventure offerings in Vietnam offer hiking, kayaking and cycling aplenty while leaving ample of time for cultural interaction and flexibility.

“Vietnam offers beautiful terrains with gradients to suit any level of fitness, incredible vistas and a climate that's favourable to outdoors adventures year-round. Vietnam also boasts friendly people, delicious cuisine and a range of natural attractions such as gorgeous mountains, islands, beaches and vast green fields of rice.”

HA HIEN HOAI, Vietnam Adventure Manager

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Vietnam adventure travel & tours

From the mist-filled landscapes of Vietnam's north to the picturesque rice paddies and lazy waters of the south, Vietnam is rife with opportunity for adventurous travellers looking for the experience of a lifetime. Our Adventure tours empower these travellers to experience the very best that Vietnam has to offer.

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