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Thailand has long held the imagination of travellers in search of adventure. From steaming jungles to glistening beaches and soaring mountains, the thrill of a lifetime is never very far away.

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Two gorgeous coastlines are blessed with an unfair number of idyllic beaches sprinkled with dramatic karst mountains and dense tropical jungles. Stretching from the southern tip all the way to the country's northern frontier, Thailand's geography is seemingly made for adventure. 


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Thailand is no stranger to adventure. For decades, travellers from around the world have attempted to tame its vast wildernesses, turquoise coastlines and jagged mountains. Yet still, Thailand adventure travel rightfully retains a deep sense of allure among adventurers, with hidden places bordering on magical just waiting to discovered at almost every corner. There's a very good reason Thailand is so iconic among travellers, and adventurers are the most likely to find out why.

“Thailand adventure travel is a way to explore the unexplored land of smiles, visit places where no car can go, see the best that nature has to offer and have incredible local experiences.”

MARCEL ZWAAG, Thailand Adventure Manager

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Thailand adventure tours

Our Adventure lineup of tours encompass the full range of Thailand's incredible natural and cultural wonders. While exploring the country's gorgeous coastal areas, mountains and jungles, these tours bring adventurous travellers straight to the heart of the country.

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