Dare to Experience Japan

Japan's ruggedly beautiful and rarely-trodden trekking trails and little-known cycling routes offer travellers an entirely new way to discover the Land of the Rising Sun. Whether it's hiking the Hida Alps or cycling open coastal roads of the Noto Peninsula, Japan adventures are simply remarkable.

Adventure in Japan


Consisting of several thousand volcanic islands, Japan is home to a dizzying array of landscapes, terrains and climates. Stretching some 3,000 kilometres fron north to south, no point in the vast Japanese archipelago is more than 150km from the sea. This deep connection to the ocean has long played a role in Japanese ways of life. When combined with dramatic scenery, hospitable people and unseen places, Japan has all the makings of an epic place for adventure.

Adventure in Japan

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Japan adventure highlights

Japan's position as an island nation is uniquely well-suited for travellers in search of something different. The diverse climates from north to south mean adventure travel is possible all year round. From trekking unpaved trails of Kumano Kodo or snorkelling crystalline waters in Okinawa, to cycling the backroads of Japan's quaint countryside, there are magnificent options to suit the tastes of any adventurer.

“The uniqueness of Japan is that only a stone's throw away from the bustling cities there is a tranquil back country with rice paddies, quaint villages and beautiful coastal and mountain scenery, The variety of scenery is truly amazing.”

PEPIJN COX, Japan Adventure Manager

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Japan adventure travel & tours

Whether it is a challenging trek up ancient routes or cycling the open coastal roads our Adventure tours in Japan reveal to travellers just why this country is so celebrated for its diverse set of offbeat attractions. Coupled with stays at traditional inns and relaxing dips in natural hot springs, the warm hospitality and friendly nature of the Japanese creates a definitive adventure experience.

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