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A collection of some 17,000 volcanic islands, each with unique offerings, the options for Indonesia adventure travel are endless. Whether tracking orangutans in Kalimantan, chasing Komodo dragons in Flores or summiting a billowing volcano in Java, Indonesian adventures are simply epic.

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A row of volcanic islands stretching across a patch of equatorial ocean nearly as long as Russia, Indonesia forms the beating heart of the Ring of Fire. Its jagged jungle-clad landscapes, rich with volcanic soil, bolster some of the planet's most diverse and exotic wildlife making Indonesia one of the world's most exciting places for adventure travel. 

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Indonesia and, in particular, Bali, has long been a magnet for adventurous travellers. Its position along the Pacific Ring of Fire makes it uniquely well-suited for travellers in search of something different. Volcanoes rising out of lush rainforests surrounded by crystalline waters and an equatorial climate make Indonesia almost tailormade for adventure. From the dense jungles of Sumatra to the epic vistas of Rinjani and the wild wonders of Komodo, there are superlative options to suit any taste.

“In three words, Indonesia adventure travel is challenging, picturesque and enchanting. Indonesia is blessed with 127 active volcanoes and incredible landscapes. Whether you're a climber, cyclist, canyoneer, rock climber or trekker, our Adventure team is ready to show you the best that Indonesia has to offer.”

ANAK AGUNG EKA PUTRI, Indonesia Adventure Manager

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Indonesia adventure travel

From active volcano excursions to visits to tribal villages and deep jungle exploration, our Adventure tours in Indonesia reveal to travellers just why this country is so celebrated for its diverse set of offbeat attractions.

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