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Beyond the legendary temples of Angkor, Cambodia adventure travel holds much more in store for visitors. Because the majority of travellers come solely for its temples, vast stretches of Cambodia remain largely unseen by outsiders and are ripe for discovery and adventure.

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The rise of Khmer civilisation is, at least in part, due to Cambodia's relatively flat terrain. Vast expanses of the country can be easily and effectively explored either on foot or by bike, making it uniquely suitable for adventurers of every level.

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Cambodia adventure highlights

Cambodia is far better-known for its historical attractions than anything else. Because of this, huge areas of the country are overlooked by tourists - precisely why Cambodia is such an amazing place for adventure. Just outside the well-trodden paths of Angkor, Kulen Mountain offers great opportunities for adventure. There are also untouched coastal areas, virgin rainforests and a bewildering array of trails and roads that are perfect for trekkers and cyclists.

“All our Cambodia adventure travel experiences are designed to be as immersive as possible, both in the physical activities they centre around, and in the cultural and culinary experiences that come along with them. We custom-design trips to fulfill the dreams of each client while continually seeking new places and offerings to accomplish this goal.”

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Cambodia adventure tours

From cycling adventures through Cambodia's charming countryside to intense journeys across the mighty Mekong and glamping on Kulen Mountain overlooking Angkor, our adventure tours offer insight into a side of Cambodia little-seen by outsiders.

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