Adventure Travel in Asia

For more than 20 years, EXO has pioneered adventurous travel in Asia. Whether cycling, trekking, kayaking or multi-sporting, our goal is always the same: to reveal the wonders of Asia in new and exciting ways.

Specialist teams in 7 countries

In each EXO Adventure destination we have local and in-destination experts who specialise in crafting uniquely memorable adventures. With every proposal, our teams work tirelessly to produce seamless and authentic journeys that exceed expectations.

About EXO Adventure

our trip design

We craft uniquely creative tours ranging from challenging expeditions to soft leisurely adventures to ensure that guests experience the soul of a destination at an adventure level they're comfortable with. 


the team






“Adventure” doesn't necessarily mean “roughing it.” Regardless of the level of adventure travel in Asia, our tours offer ranges of accommodation to suit any need. From five-star resorts to homestays and camping, your adventure is as comfortable as you want it to be.


About EXO Adventure

what we stand for

About EXO Adventure

Responsible Travel

Responsibility and sustainability are woven into everything we do. No matter where the trail leads, we always leave places better than we find them.

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About EXO Adventure

cultural encounters

Part of what makes Asia special is the diversity of cultures in it. We always encourage respectful cultural encounters.

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About EXO Adventure

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In need of an adventure and want to learn more about how we can arrange the trip of a lifetime? We'd love to hear from you!

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