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EXO people

EXO Travel's success is the product of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals. We are fortunate to have over 850 team members worldwide that are united through a passion for travel and an insatiable desire to discover, create and develop both personally and professionally.

EXO Group, headquartered in Bangkok, was established in 2007 to ensure that each EXO destination is fully optimised, supported and operates at the highest standard. Allow us to introduce some key members of the EXO Group team:


Chairman of the Board

Background - Olivier fell in love with Asia during his first trip to Thailand in 1988. Five years later he had an opportunity to come back while setting up a joint tourism venture with partners Eric Merlin and Denis Colonna in Vietnam. Beginning as 'Exotissimo,' the company became the first foreign-owned venture to be granted a tour operating license in Vietnam in 1993. He moved back to Asia in 2003 to manage EXO Vietnam before taking the helm as CEO from the head office in Bangkok in 2007, and as the Group Chairman in 2018.  

Responsibilities - Oversees the planning and execution of all strategies related to EXO Travel.

EXO Passion - Leveraging his passion for people and communications, Olivier ensures seamless operations between offices across the world.

Education - Olivier studied Business Administration while attending Pieger Business School in France.

Years with EXO - 24


Chief Executive Officer

Background - Hamish has lived and worked in Asia since 1990, working as a tour leader before establishing his first travel business in Bangkok in 1995. He then spent several years starting and growing travel companies as well as leading, operating and creating ground-breaking tours covering every corner of Thailand, Indonesia and Indochina. In 2002, he joined EXO to launch Exotissimo Thailand and, in 2007, became Group Managing Director and partner in EXO Travel.

Responsibilities - Hamish is responsible for setting and executing the overall business strategy of EXO Travel and manages all sales offices and global business relationships.

EXO Passion - He is also the passionate founder and driving force behind EXO Adventure.

Education - Holds a BA, with honours, from Brighton University 

Years with EXO - 15


Chief Operating Officer

Background - George’s passion for travel in Asia took root after moving to Kuala Lumpur and then Borneo in 1996. After opening EXO Cambodia in 2000, he became the General Manager of EXO Laos, EXO Myanmar,and then, our biggest operation, EXO Vietnam where he remained from 2007 until 2014. He is now based in the Bangkok headquarters as the COO.

Responsibilities - As COO, George is responsible for operations, product development, and information systems.

EXO Passion - He passionately ensures EXO customer care always exceeds expectations.

Education - Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Economics, Vienna.

Years with EXO - 17

Pablo Ramirez

Chief Financial Officer

Background – Originally from Colombia, raised in Australia and having lived and worked on four continents makes Pablo a true citizen of the world. He first fell in love with Asia in 2006 and was lured back to the region in 2010 when he accepted a position in Bangkok. Pablo also spent considerable time in Jakarta and Lagos, Nigeria. While building upon his substantial expertise in finance there, Pablo also spent several years pursuing his passion for travel, which led him to EXO in 2018.

Responsibilities - Pablo is responsible for the continued profitable growth of the company by ensuring the proper setting and execution of the company’s financial strategy.

EXO Passion – Numbers and travel are his passions, these two combined make him the perfect fit for EXO. Pablo is also passionate about cycling.

Education - Holds a double business degree of Accounting and Information Systems from Victoria University and is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand.

Years with EXO - 0


Director of Product & Marketing

Background - Ruben has lived in Asia for over 20 years. Having grown up in 12+ countries across Europe, Africa and Asia he has a passion for travel and has spent the majority of his career working for leading DMCs in management, marketing, operations and finance. Outside of the tourism industry, he has also worked in investment, e-commerce, consulting and development.

Responsibilities - Ruben is responsible for setting and executing the overall product, contracting and marketing strategies for EXO Travel Group.

EXO Passion - Driven by his passion for travel experiences, Ruben is constantly on the hunt for new and imaginative ways to experience Asia.

Education - Holds a BA in Pyschology & Anthropology from University College Utrecht, and a MBA from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

Years with EXO - 1


Information Systems Director

Background -Thierry's foray into Asia began while travelling extensively throughout Southeast Asia in 1993. Since then he has accrued more than 20 years of Systems and IT experience in the travel industry, before joining EXO in 2010 and eventually taking on the challenge of Director of Information & Systems.

Responsibilities -Thierry is responsible for the design, maintenence and future trajectory of all technological systems related to reservations, operations, accounting and EXO24, our proprietary in-house 'social media' and database system.

EXO Passion -Thierry feeds his passion for innovation by being the driving force behind EXO's technological leadership within the travel industry.

Education -Thierry holds a degree in Industrial Mechanics & Automated Systems from the University of Lyon.

Years with EXO - 7


Director of People Development

Background - Scott has lived in Southeast Asia since 1999, when he co-founded what became one of the region’s most respected luxury travel companies. There, he designed and led adventures throughout the region and Nepal before selling out of the business in 2013 to try his hand at other pursuits. While working as a Team Building Consultant, he developed a keen interest in how people learn and grow which led him to his current role with EXO Travel.

Responsibilities - Scott is responsible for setting and executing the Human Resource strategy as well as the people development programs across EXO Group.

Education - Holds a BA of Communications from Mount Royal University, Canada, and also graduated from the Asia Pacific Leadership Program, East-West Center, Hawaii.

Years with EXO - 2

Nick Ghosh

Global Sales Director

Background – Having spent much of his childhood between Southeast Asia and the UK, Nick has the passion and destination knowledge of a true local. After teaching English at Shanghai University in 2006, Nick returned to the UK to work for a top tour operator for ten years. Serving as a Southeast Asia Product Manager prior to joining EXO, Nick became our UK Sales Director in 2016 and since August 2018 our Global Sales Director based in Bangkok.

Responsibilities – Managing our EXO Sales offices Nick is responsible for the global sales strategy and drives growth with our key partners worldwide.

EXO Passion – Working closely with his colleagues throughout Asia to ensure our clients across the globe are provided with the services they need to create inspiring travel for their customers.

Education – Nick studied English and History at Newcastle University.

Years with EXO – 2

Matt Blench

EXO Adventure Director

Background - Hailing from England, Matt leads the Adventure specialists across asia. He fell in love with Southeast Asia in the early 90s. After nearly 15 years of working in the travel industry based in the UK, he was able to realise his dreams of living in Asia by moving to Bangkok in 2004. In addition to his love of trekking and outdoors, Matt brings tons of experience and know-how to EXO Adventure.

Responsibilities –  Matt is responsible for the overall success of EXO Adventure, managing each destination and helping to grow and develop the business whilst assisting with product development and making sure we deliver exceptional life changing tours.

EXO Passion – ‘Adventure’ and ‘travel’ is Matt’s passion. Whether it’s trekking undiscovered routes, going deep into nature or cultural interactions, Matt’s love for adventure makes him the perfect person to lead the team.

Education – Holds a Diploma in Travel and Tourism from Portsmouth Highbury College.

Years with EXO – 3

Maeve Nolan

LUXE by EXO Director

Background – Born in Scotland, raised in Australia and residing in Asia for over 20 years, Maeve has spent the last two decades crafting her experiences in travel across the region. Drawing on years of experience as a Product Manager for EXO and as the general manager of a high-end bespoke touring company, Maeve pairs insight into the traveller mindset with in-depth operational knowledge to bring elevated private journeys to the discerning luxury traveller.

Responsibilities – Our promise to deliver the most exclusive local experiences to guests is achieved by talented specialist teams in each of the 10 destinations Maeve is responsible for.

EXO Passion - Her deep passion for travel has driven her to relentlessly explore the unknown, be it luxury hotels on remote islands, or delving deeper into insider experiences. Crazy about arts and culture in all its guises, Maeve sees her position at LUXE as her next great activity.

Education - Holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney.

Years with EXO - 12

Camille InGravalle

French Product Manager

Background – Beginning as an avid traveller, Camille went on to earn a master's degree in Tourism and Development. Following three years as the Product Manager for EXO Laos, she moved to EXO Myanmar as the Inbound Manager for the French market for 2 years where her skills for client experiences was put to great effect. Always in search of a new challenge, Camille will take on the new role as Product Manager (French Market) under EXO Group.

Responsibilities – Camille is responsible for tailoring EXO tour products to meet the specifications French-speaking clients.

EXO Passion – With her passion for discovering new places around Asia and her love for art and photography, she ensures that all French Products are both exciting and bespoke.

Education – Holds a Master Degree in Tourism & Development with a focus in sustainable tourism

Years with EXO – 5

EXO has sales offices around the globe, offering support on a number of levels. From London, Paris, Barcelona and Frankfurt to New York, Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro- our dedicated teams are ready and waiting to assist with everything from training to sales support.

Uday Sodha

Sales Director UK, Ireland

Uday has a career spanning over 25 years in the travel sector with extensive experience as a sales director in the Luxury and Adventure markets in the UK. He has a passion for the destinations EXO serves but, just as importantly, a passion to help agencies and operators grow their businesses. Having travelled nine of the ten EXO destinations, Uday is happy to share his knowledge with you and help your guests get the best travel experience from Asia.

Gaetan Decherf

Sales Manager Latin America

Gaetan is a tireless traveller who grew up in France, studied in Mexico and fell in love with Asia. He started his adventure with EXO Travel as MICE supervisor in Barcelona and took over the position of Sales Manager. He opened the LATAM sales office in Brazil in 2013 and recently moved to Mexico to keep sharing his passion about Asia.

Albino Veneto

Sales Manager Latin Europe

Albino's passion for the travel industry began at the early age of 16 while working for resorts in Italy. After working for an italian tour operator between 2009 and 2011, Albino moved to Malaysia toward the end of 2011. He joined EXO in 2015. Utilising his deep knowledge of emerging markets in the region, he strives to make EXO the best it can be. 


Sales Manager Australasia

Nichole’s travel and tourism career spans 25 years, having worked for wholesale and retail travel companies, airlines, hotels and DMCs. Inspired by bespoke luxury travel experiences and creating unforgettable events in Asia, the region became her passion 18 years ago. Outside the tourism industry, Nichole has experience public and private sectors and recently worked on the 2018 Commonwealth Games. She is committed to sharing her experience and knowledge to support trade partners across Australia and New Zealand.

Chris Aubanel

Vice President Sales, North America

Chris began his career in the travel industry as a tour manager based in Asia. He then spent a period of time working with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and various Starwood resorts where he further developed relationships with tour operators, agent networks and DMCs. His passion for Asia and his commitment to assist you is a huge asset for EXO.

Jeremie Descelles

Sales Manager Asia & Africa

A native of Mauritius, Jeremie worked in Dubai for two years before moving to Asia. Years of working with other prominent DMCs within the region and around the world has provided Jeremie with extensive experience in both the MICE and Sales markets. Already calling Bangkok his 'home away from home', Jeremie brings a wealth of knowledge to the EXO team.  


Sales Director Benelux, Scandinavia & Eastern Europe

Anton's professional travel and tourism experience spans destinations across Europe, North America, Central America, Africa and Asia while his areas of expertise range from business development and budgeting to operations, marketing, product development, sustainable tourism and more. Along with a masters in sustainable destination management and a deep love of exploring, he brings a tremendous amount of passion and experience to EXO.


General Manager German Market

Born in Bangkok, Pantanida began her career in the travel industry in the early 2000's. After travelling around Southeast Asia for a period of time, she moved to Ho Chi Minh City to help start up the German department for EXO Travel. She has been based in Germany since 2008, where she looks after our German-speaking clients.


France Sales Manager

Florelle became enamoured with the region in 2010 and decided to take on the challenge of French Inbound Manager with EXO Vietnam. She continued to explore Southeast Asia while also gaining valuable leadership experience with Inbound Sales. Leveraging her extensive knowledge of French markets and substantial regional expertise, her role naturally shifted to its current role as the Product Manager of our French market. Now based in France, Florelle will help to drive sales in our French-speaking markets.

Vietnam was EXO's first destination, established in 1993 when the country was all but closed off to foreign travel companies. 24 years later, EXO Vietnam is the longest standing foreign tour operator in the country with offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Danang. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Vietnam team:

Sandor Leinwand Recte Rein

General Manager

Having travelled or worked in 55 countries across the world, Sandor brings a tremendous amount of travel experience to EXO Vietnam. He has served as a General Manager for Asian DMCs for more than a decade while being based in Hanoi, Bali, Tokyo, Bangkok and Yangon. After his 3-year stint as GM for EXO Myanmar, he now leads EXO Vietnam.


Mice/Events Manager

Lise has a background in project management and law. She began her foray in the travel industry after winning a tourism competition hosted by the French guide book, Guide de Routard. In addition to proven talent in travel product design and marketing, Lise brings substantial expertise to Vietnam's MICE and Events department as its manager. 


Inbound Director

Quyen was one of the pioneering travel professionals that helped put Vietnam on the tourism map. She has worked in roles related to travel sales in Vietnam for more than 20 years, and brings mountains of experience to EXO Vietnam. Through her role as Director of Sales she helps to inspire and motivate our sales team and exceed our sales targets.


Product Manager

With more than 14 years in the luxury boutique travel industry, Susu's range of experience covers everything from Sales and Branding to Product Development. Her current role as Product Manager for EXO Vietnam allows her to inspire the product development team with creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to keep our Vietnam product offerings at the forefront of what's possible with tourism in Vietnam. 

EXO Thailand was opened in 2003 as our 5th destination. We currently have offices in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai serving all different corners of the Kingdom. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Thailand team:


General Manager

Jean Baptiste began his career in the tourism industry in 2003. After a time as Product Manager for EXO Thailand, he managed the opening of our Chiang Mai office before a stint handling the Southeast Asian activities of a Swiss-based tour operator in Europe. He then returned to EXO in January 2016 to take on the role of General Manager.


Product Manager

Having lived and worked in Thailand as a travel professional for more than a decade, Kim's knowledge of the country is extraordinary. While working in a variety of roles from operations and sales to product, he has not only explored every corner of Thailand, but also the travel industry as a whole. 


Operations Manager

Venus began her career in tourism in 2004 and joined the inbound department of EXO Travel in Bangkok in 2006. After moving to Dubai for some time, returned to EXO Thailand in 2015. Since then, Venus has taken on the role of Senior Inbound Manager, using her knowledge of Thailand and experience to smooth out our inbound client experiences.


MICE Manager

Tim started out working in hotel services aboard a worldwide cruise line then, via work with an airline and corporate events company in the UK, ended up on an 18 month career break in Asia and never went back. With stints also working in Singapore, he returned to his favourite Asian city Bangkok, joining EXO as Events Manager Thailand in 2010. 


Inbound Manager

Wannee brings a considerable amount of experience to EXO. Starting her career in the travel industry back in the early 90s, she has a passion for discovering new and exciting products to offer clients. She is also a great team leader and is crucial to creating a culture of excellence among our inbound sales team. 

Pantipa Sukrakarn

Inbound Manager

Fueled by her love of travel and photography, Pantipa began working in the travel industry back in 1998 while working for a French tour operator. After gaining valuable experience, she was joined EXO in 2006. With nearly two decades worth of experience in travel, mostly at EXO, she brings a great deal of experience to our company. 

EXO Cambodia was opened in 2000 as our 3rd destination. We currently have offices in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Cambodia team:

Meng Hieng

Managing Director

Meng has more than 20 years of experience working in the travel industry. After gaining invaluable experience with his own travel company, Meng became part of the EXO family in 2000, as well as becoming the Chairman of the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents (CATA) and Chairman of the regional travel body, ASEAN Tourism Association.  

Harold de Martimprey

General Manager

Harold's work in the travel industry largely stems from ecotourism and responsible travel. He first stepped foot in Cambodia in 2009 to work on a community-based ecotourism project. He then worked for a number of tour operators that honed his experience in the local travel industry. As General Manager of EXO Cambodia, Harold brings both extensive knowledge coupled with an innate passion for discovering new places and meeting new people.

Trevor Ranges

Product Manager

Trevor Ranges has lived, worked, and studied in Southeast Asia for nearly two decades. He is the author of the National Geographic Traveler: Cambodia guidebook and co-host of Talk Travel Asia podcast. Trevor is passionate about protecting the environment, including reducing plastic waste.

Samphoas Srey

Inbound Manager

Samphoas began working in tourism shortly after graduation. Because of her fluency in English and French, during her 10 years of working in the industry she has been in charge of accounts from numerous nationalities. She joined EXO Cambodia in 2009 and became the Inbound Manager in early 2015. 

Vanta Ol

Operations Manager

Shortly after university, Vanda began working in the travel industry as a guide before eventually taking on an office position. Since 2009 he has worked his way through the ranks of EXO to become the Adventure and Operations manager overseeing all our fun and adventurous offerings in Cambodia.

Danine Samith

Events Manager

Having joined EXO in 2005, Danine has been with us for more than a decade. In addition to her language skills, speaking local Khmer, English and French fluently, she has extensive knowledge of Cambodia's burgeoning MICE industry which she uses to great affect in guiding EXO Cambodia's MICE strategy and operations.

EXO Laos was opened in 2001 as our 4th destination. Our offices are located in Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Laos team:

Francois Guillot

General Manager

Hailing from France, Francois began working in the tourism industry in 1997 before moving to Asia in 2004. Francois' passion for innovation and exceeding expectations is driven by extensive managerial experience and a depth of knowledge that comes with living and working in Laos for more than a decade. Having also worked with EXO in a number of roles ranging from direct sales and office management to being our first Adventure Manager in 2007, Francois has deep roots with EXO.


Product Manager

Raised from a young age in Thailand and Laos, and having lived in Laos for 17 years, Andrea has the deep knowledge of a true local, making her a perfect fit for creating exciting and innovative products to grow the country’s tourism potential. With experiences in MICE operations, managing French Inbound travel and her fluency in English, French and Laos Andrea brings to the table an extensive array of expertise and connections in the industry.

Thongsy Phommajak

Inbound Manager

Beginning in the hotel industry, Thongsy eventually shifted to the travel industry to suit his interest in local cultures and in sharing his wonderful country with others. Joining EXO in 2013 as a travel consultant, his prowess as someone able to get things done and work well with others was quickly recognised and he became Inbound Supervisor in 2015.

Phouthasak Ophaso

Luang Prabang Branch Manager

Rising through the ranks, Pouthasak started his career in the travel industry as a tour guide. Through his extensive local knowledge of Laos and his knack for operational efficiency, he rose through the ranks, eventually landing at EXO where his expertise about the area, local operational complexities and ability to work with people is served well as Branch Manager.

EXO Myanmar was opened in 1995 as our 2nd destination. We currently have offices in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Myanmar team:

Xavier Robles Rentero

General Manager

Xavier’s career in the travel industry began in Spain in 2001 where he honed his skills working for various tour companies. In search for new opportunities and a new challenge, he moved to Bangkok, Thailand in 2009 where he developed his career in the inbound sector for the Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets. Later, he held many general management positions at major DMCs before the chance to join EXO Myanmar as General Manager.

Su Su Tin

Managing Director

Su Su joined EXO as a joint venture partner back in 1995 while helping to establish EXO Myanmar as our second destination. Her leadership, guidance and entrepreneurial spirit has been crucial to the success of the company. Su Su also has upper-management roles in a number of other hospitality and tourism ventures, bringing experience and knowledge to EXO and significantly boosting Myanmar as a tourist destination. 

Wah Wah Lin

Inbound Manager (German Market)

After working in the hotel industry for a period of time, Wah Wah went back to school for a degree in Tourism Management before working for a well-known travel company in Myanmar. This eventually led her to EXO. She's now responsible for inbound clients from the German market for EXO. 

Nwe Nwe Lwin

Sales Manager

Nwe Nwe has been making travel arrangements for clients across the world for more than two decades. She brings an incredible amount of local knowledge, expertise and passion to EXO Myanmar as Inbound Sales Manager allowing the entire team to flourish. Our incredibly high rate of guest satisfaction is a credit to her unique abilities.

Celine Desile Dejean

Events Manager

Celine began her career in the travel industry in 1991, working for 10 years in the leisure market and 10 years in the MICE market. She has extensive knowledge of the market in Southeast Asia and has been based in Myanmar for over six years where she serves as EXO Myanmar's Events Manager and oversees its MICE business.

Ameer Virani

Product Manager

Ameer received MSc in Responsible Tourism Management, and is passionate about creating great travel experiences that have a positive impact on local people and the environment. He began his tourism career in India, where he helped set up a grass roots community tourism project in a small village near New Delhi. Then he spent a year working at an elephant sanctuary in Eastern Cambodia before joining EXO to develop product and responsible tourism in Myanmar.

EXO Indonesia was opened in 2009 as our 6th destination. We currently have offices in Bali, Yogyakarta and Lombok. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Indonesia team:

Trisna Agustini

Managing Director

Trisna's vision to have the best DMC in Indonesia led her to meet the founders of EXO in early 2009, who were then seeking a partner to expand operations into Indonesia with. Recognising the potential for growth and mutual benefits, Trisna merged her family travel business with EXO to give rise to EXO Indonesia. Since then she has worked tirelessly to achieve her vision. 

Erik Meriot

General Manager

Erik's introduction to the travel industry began in France back in 1991, then in Greece and the USA before moving to Jakarta, Indonesia in 1996. He joined EXO in 1999 as the general manager of Myanmar where he stayed until 2003. He then moved back to France to replace the current CEO's job as Director of Sales at EXO Paris before opening EXO Indonesia and assuming his current role as General Manager there.

Lukman Tassakka


Lukman's introduction to the travel industry began as a flight attendant for Garuda Indonesia in 2003. He then shifted his career by becoming a travel consultant with EXO Indonesia in 2011. Working his way through the ranks there, he eventually landed hiscurrent job as Product Manager.


Events Manager

French born, Indonesia raised, Melinda has lived a life split between both cultures. WIth a bachelor's in Hotel and Tourism Management from Switzerland, her career in tourism was launched working as a hotelier there. After a period of time, she decided to move back to Indonesia where her career shifted to the travel industry. She joined EXO Indonesia's MICE team in 2011. 

EXO Japan was opened in 2011 as our 7th destination. We currently have offices in Tokyo and Kyoto. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Japan team:

Mark Holguin

General Manager

Mark first travelled to Japan as a student while attending Kansai Gaidai University. Fueled by his deep appreciation of the county's culture, he began working with a Japanese DMC based in Los Angeles, CA. Since then he has held numerous senior roles in a broad range of travel trade companies. His wide ranging expertise and extensive network make him uniquely well-suited for the role of GM for EXO Japan.

Pietrovito Moschetti

Product Manager

Pietro began studying Japanese while living with a host family in rural Japan in 2005. After completing his BA in Japanese, he went on to receive a masters in International Relations before pivoting to tourism as a means of sharing his passion for Japan. Having lived and worked in many different areas of the country, his broad understanding of Japanese culture and destinations allows him to act as a bridge between curious travellers and Japan.

Barbara La Puma

Inbound Manager

After receiving a degree in archeology, Barbara left her home country of Italy to work in the airline industry. After travelling through a number of countries for work, she ended up in Japan where her career transitioned to working in the travel industry. This led her to her current role where she helps others to discover Japan's spellbounding beauty. 

EXO China was launched in 2012 as our 8th destination. We currently have offices in Beijing and Guangdong. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO China team:

Olivier Marchesin

Managing Director

A travel industry veteran since 1995, Olivier began his career in Ground Handling for General Aviation in France. He relocated to Asia in 2001 and gained wide experience working for several DMC's throughout the region. He joined EXO in 2008 as the General Manager for EXO Cambodia. In March 2012, Olivier moved to Beijing and led the opening of EXO China.

Susan Zhong

General Manager

Susan spent 10 years working for a leading appliance corporation in China, gaining valuable experience in IT, HR, accounting and management before moving to the tourism industry in 2008. After four years working with a DMC, Susan joined EXO China in 2012 as General Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and excellent buisness relations with key industry figures throughout the country.

Marisol Cai

Inbound Supervisor

Marisol studied in Spain and, in addition to Mandarin, speaks fluent English and Spanish. She joined EXO four years ago and has, since then, used her excellent communication skills and extensive knowledge of destinations to show clients the best of China.

Kevin Chen

Events Operation Manager

After obtaining a master's degree in corporate banking and engineering, Kevin worked in the financial sector in France before moving back to his hometown of Beijing to be closer to family. Joining EXO in 2013, Kevin combines technical expertise and adept skills in logistics with a passion for showing visitors the best of China. 

Sara Liu

Travel Consultant

Sara Liu became a travel consultant with EXO China in 2014. Before that, she was an English tutoring teacher in a private agency. Her communication skills contribute greatly to the cooperation and coordination of the team. She is now in charge of the UK market in China.

Seaver Qin

Product Manager

With a background in Tourist Management and Information Management, Seaver has worked in product development for EXO China since 2012. As a native Chinese, his local knowledge and access to hidden secrets of China, coupled with his passion for product design brings amazing and innovative trips that show off the best there is on offer. 

Veronique Gong

French-Speaking Travel Consultant

Veronique has a love of travelling and language. After studying French for four years in university and working in an international hospital as a translator, she became a French travel consultant with EXO Travel in 2015. She uses her upbeat personality and passion for sharing the beauty of China to consistently put a smile on client's faces. 

EXO Malaysia was opened in 2015 as our 9th destination. We currently have offices in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Malaysia team:

Sara Salsini

General Manager

While working in tourism, Sara has lived in Malaysia for more than seven years and has a true passion for the country. Her substantial experience in the travel industry spans from operations and sales to product development, and she's explored nearly every corner of Malaysia. She helps lead EXO Malaysia by providing the deep destination knowledge of a local, a passion for Malaysian travel, and the expertise of a seasoned travel industry veteran.

Aina Lai

Events Manager

Aina began working in the tourism industry in 1989, working at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. She eventually landed in the Events Department there, where she gained tons of experience in the field. In 1998 she moved to Kota Kinabalu and began working at a DMC doing events management in Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia. She joined EXO in 2016.

Rosa Minggu

Inbound Supervisor

Born in a longhouse in Sarawak, Rosa's heritage is proudly connected to Malaysia and sharing with others is a big passion of hers. She first began working in the travel industry in 2005 while working with a tour agency. After a stint working on a cruise boat, she joined what would later become EXO Malaysia in 2011.

Jane Rowan

Product Manager

With a background in international development focusing on tourism, Jane has extensive knowledge in sales, product and operations and as well as managing community-based tourism projects in the industry. As EXO Malaysia's Product Manager, she will bring her experience of working with local communities and various stakeholders to develop new, exciting and responsible ways of travelling Malaysia.

EXO Singapore was officially opened in 2017 as our 10th destination. Currently open for MICE travel, we plan to open Singapore to independent travellers later in the year. Allow us to introduce some of the EXO Singapore team:

Mauro Del Vento

General Manager

From an early age, Mauro knew he wanted to work in the travel industry. Having visited more than 50 countries for business and leisure, he has over 20 years of experience working in a range of roles including 9 years of experience as a GM in both Malaysia and Singapore before joining us in 2017.

Lina Rafai

Inbound Supervisor

After an initial stint as an assistant tour officer in a travel company, Lina has been involved with the travel industry for more than 22 years. She utilises her extensive knowledge and passion to create unique and memorable experiences for guests and helps others in EXO to do the same.

Angela Koh

Office Manager

Over the past 21 years, Angela has worked in different industries and acquired important soft skills that helps her in her daily duties as Office Manager of the EXO team. As a people-oriented person, Angela helps to bridge the communication gap between the management and employees. Her belief in building trust through effective communication helps to foster strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders. 

Kimmo Korkeila

Event Manager

Kimmo has been in the travel industry for almost 30 years. He first worked with a Scandinavian tour operator for a period of 11 years which brought him to 16 different countries. In early 2000, Kimmo joined a Middle Eastern airline and worked for the airline's DMC unit. This journey brought him to Singapore in 2005 to organize a Far East regional level events for the airline. He has returned since, joining EXO Singapore as an Events Manager in 2017.

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