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Bali Tours

Indonesia is an awe-inspiring archipelago home to sea dwelling people, mountain clans and jungle tribes whose homes are located in rainforests, on rivers, next to beautiful oceans and aside active volcanoes. From the tourist magnet of Bali to the cultural heart of Java and the dragons that live on Komodo, Indonesia is enigmatic, exotic, breathtaking and unforgettable every step of the way.

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Indonesia offers travelers the opportunity to explore an untouched natural world, discovering obscure cultures and fascinating rituals while playing in an underwater world teeming with life. The Island of the Gods, a traveler’s paradise, however we term the island, Bali never fails to inspire and remains the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. The scent of incense drifts from temples, lush green rice paddies glisten in the sun and volcanoes rise from the jungle mist to create the island’s notorious image. The most populous of Indonesia’s islands, Java is blessed with majestic mountains and volcanoes rising from serene plantations, evoking a mystical atmosphere with inviting sceneries to explore. Ancient Buddhist and Hindu temple complexes, vibrant cities, tropical islands, hidden beaches and cultural gems await discovery all over Java. Lombok and Flores offer a quieter alternative to nearby Bali, with a slower pace and access to some of the country’s finest beaches. Sulawesi’s 4 spreading arms each offer different experiences and encounters. The island offers less explored mountainous regions, unique cultures and world class diving.

Private guides are more costly in Japan when compared to our other destinations, and the self-guiding app provides an innovative solution to avoid these rising costs and allowing clients to travel in a more independent way.

The application is available in 20 cities across Japan already, and it covers 6 main categories; attractions, shopping, restaurants, bars and nightlife, hotels, and other, which are clearly displayed on the home-page.

There are more than 500 points of interest, providing pictures, addresses, distance from current location, the website, opening hours and costs. Everything works offline, and the map in particular proves to be incredibly useful. Furthermore, there's the option of sharing everything on-line, through platforms such as facebook.

The app is available in both English and French.

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