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EXO Travel believes in sharing our knowledge to create a better future. One way we do this is through internships intended to prepare talented young people for becoming future leaders in the travel industry. If you have an innate curiosity of Asia, a burning passion for travel and are eager to take on exciting new challenges in a multi-lingual, international setting, we would love to welcome you to the team.


As a leading destination management company, operating over 10 destinations in Asia with sales offices worldwide, EXO has some 900 staff working tirelessly to ensure we stay ahead of the curve, push boundaries and shape an industry we love so very much. We regularly look for dynamic individuals at our offices throughout the world on challenging and insightful internships. Get to learn all the ins-and-outs of travel in Asia, while staying true to our believe in helping guests Experience Our Asia.

Julieth Davila

Latin America Sales Intern

Hola, I’m Julieth from Colombia. I joined EXO in January 2017 and have had the opportunity to experience Asia in so many different ways: from working with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, to learning about the many travel products EXO offers.

Besides working with an incredible team, I love EXO's responsible approach to tourism and local communities. This was the main reason I decided I wanted to stay longer and keep learning from this incredible company. My internship turned into a full time position and now I’m a happy employee with EXO Group, in Bangkok, Thailand.


Media Supervisor, [email protected]

Bonjour! My name is Maite and I was very lucky to do an internship at EXO Travel for 6 months in 2013. After 2 years of college I knew I wanted to work in digital marketing but had no formal working experience. On top of this, I was eager to work in a multicultural environment with an international reach, And I was not disappointed!

During this time at EXO, the team embraced me, and I learned so much in both professional skills and personal growth. EXO Travel is more than just a company, it's a real family with core values with a professional environment that one can evolve and grow in.


Like our many travel products on offer, EXO internships also come in many forms. From assisting on-the-ground operations, translating communication products, or working in responsible tourism, we welcome all candidates to join any of our 26 offices across our 10 destinations. The internships are typically a minimum of three-months in duration and sometimes last up to one-year. Most internships have an honorarium to help with living costs. If you're hard-working, love a challenge and passionate about travel, join our teams now.

careers internship


Simply email us at [email protected] with your Cover Letter and CV stating why you're the ideal addition to our team, how you'll dazzle us with your work each and every day and what goals you'll like to achieve while with us.

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