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Yaeyama Islands / Hakone / Kyoto / Tokyo / Kamakura

Be swept away by the culture and elegance of Japan on this exclusive honeymoon holiday. Enjoy a mix of private guided tours, incredible cultural encounters and indulgent meals while traveling from Tokyo to Mt Fuji and Kyoto then relax with a relaxing, romantic beach stay on Ishigaki Island.



Tour Highlights for Honeymoon Japan
Indulge in uniquely Japanese experiences

Indulge in uniquely Japanese experiences

Dine with a geisha, be blessed by a Shinto priest, partake in a Japanese wedding and enjoy other immersive excursions.

Relax on Ishigaki Island

Relax on Ishigaki Island

Spend three days relaxing on white sandy beaches, swimming and snorkelling in clear waters and exploring neighbouring tropical islands.

Stay and dine in style

Stay and dine in style

Sample world-famous cuisine at top Japanese tables and sleep in indulgent, atmospheric hotels, including a luxurious traditional ryokan.

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Honeymoon Japan - 14 Days / 13 Nights

DAY 1 - Arrival in TokyoMealsMEALS [D]

Exo TravelNarita International Airport (NRT) to Central Tokyo: 1.5 h Haneda International Airport (HND) to Central Tokyo: 50 min

Upon arrival to Tokyo’s airport, a chauffeur will be waiting to provide private transport to the Palace Hotel. The Palace Hotel is a five-star, western-style accommodation in the heart of Tokyo, located right beside the Imperial Palace grounds.

Optional Service:

For those arriving a bit earlier, we give the option of having a spa service for two in one of the top spa and massage facilities in Tokyo.

Optional Service:

In the evening, we can arrange a sumptuous dinner at the exquisite teppanyaki restaurant, GO, at the Palace Hotel, where chefs serve only the freshest, top quality ingredients from seasonal vegetables, abalones and lobsters to the finest wagyu beef. Each grill has its own room, giving diners a sense of exclusivity and privacy.

Overnight in Tokyo at Palace Hotel 5 Stars (Deluxe)

Standard check-in time:

Palace Hotel Tokyo: from 15:00

DAY 2 - TokyoMealsMEALS [B]

Enjoy a day touring Tokyo city alongside an expert local guide and private transport.

One of the main visits of the day will be to Asakusa, part of Tokyo’s shitamachi (old town) and home to Sensoji Temple. There will also be a stop made at Meiji Jinja, Tokyo’s most famous Shrine, including a chance to experience a traditional Shinto purification dance and receive a blessing from a Shinto Priest. Drive past famous Tokyo landmarks including the Ginza, Imperial Palace, and the Shibuya ‘scramble’ crossing.

The itinerary of the day is entirely flexible. Any other sites within the city can also be added into the day’s experience.

Overnight at the Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo

Time: Duration (guided tour): 8 h

*including pick-up, drop-off, and transit times

DAY 3 - TokyoMealsMEALS [B]

A private car and local guide will be available throughout the first half of the day. Make an early start to the day exploring the world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market, followed by a visit to the electronics district of Akihabara. Alternatively, discover Tokyo’s world-class museums and art galleries.

Overnight at the Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo

Time: Duration (guided tour): 4 h

*including pick-up, drop-off, and transit times

DAY 4 - Tokyo - Kamakura - Hakone MealsMEALS [B|D]

Exo TravelTokyo to Kamakura: 80 min Kamakura to Hakone: 70 min

Leave the hustle and bustle of Tokyo behind and enjoy the private journey to Kamakura for a morning of guided sightseeing. One of Japan’s former capitals, Kamakura is a delightful seaside town home to many ancient temples and the Daibutsu, a giant bronze Buddha.

Continue on to Fuji Hakone National Park for an unforgettable night at the Hakone Ginyu ryokan (traditional inn).

The Ginyu is built on a mountain, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The traditional room is Japanese style, with tatami mat flooring and comfortable futon beds. Each room has an outdoor terrace with a private hot spring bath.

Dinner tonight will be kaiseki, or a multi-course Japanese meal, served within the dining area of the private living quarters.

Overnight at Hakone Ginyu, Hakone

Time: Duration (guided tour): 8 h

*including pick-up, drop-off, and transit times

DAY 5 - HakoneMealsMEALS [B]

Exo TravelDuration (guided tour): 8 h *including pick-up, drop-off, and transit times

Enjoy a day of touring around the national park with a guide and private car.

The adventure will begin with a ride on the Guinness World Record-holder ropeway, heading to the peak of Mt. Owakudani, the source of the hot water in Hakone’s hot springs. Make a brief stop and enjoy the opportunity of tasting one of Hakone’s specialties, the kuro-tamago, an egg hard boiled in the sulphuric hot springs.

Head back to the cable car and continue the ride all the way to Togendai. Here, a majestic replica pirate ship will sweep across Ashinoko, a lake that was formed by a volcanic eruption 3,000 years ago.

After the cruise, the next stop will be the Hakone Open Air Museum, which creates a harmonic balance of nature and art by exhibiting various sculptures on its spacious grounds. Besides the sculptures, the Hakone Open Air Museum also features various indoor galleries, including a sizable Picasso Collection.

Throughout the day, there will be a number of chances to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji. Please keep in mind, however, that the mountain is quite shy and necessitates a clear day to see its splendour in full. 


- The ropeway that goes to Mt. Owakudani has resumed operations but for safety reasons, hiking on the mountain is still prohibited.

Pre-Arranged Luggage Service:

We have pre-arranged a luggage transfer service from Hakone to Kyoto. Simply leave the luggage at the bell desk on or before 08:00 on the day of checking out. The luggage will arrive at the hotel in Kyoto on the evening of the same day of pick-up.

Overnight in Hakone at Hakone Ginyu 5 stars (Deluxe)

DAY 6 - Hakone - Kyoto MealsMEALS [B|D]

Exo TravelOdawara Station to Kyoto Station: 2 h

Before taking the two-hour journey to Kyoto via Shinkansen (bullet train), enjoy one final soak in the onsen. The ride to Japan’s cultural capital will be in the spacious “Green Car” (first class) carriage. The driver of a private taxi will provide transport from the ryokan.

Kyoto is home to an astonishing 2,000 shrines and temples, including 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Upon arriving in Kyoto, a private chauffeur will provide transport to the hotel for check in.

Late in the afternoon, enjoy a guided tour of the Gion District. A captivating walking tour begins in front of Minami-za Theater and continues past local shops and restaurants, before reaching Yasaka Shrine. A quick detour leads through the streets of Hanami-koji, the most popular street in Gion where lavish teahouses are lined up. Here, a theater lies tucked away where the Geisha and Maiko perform “Miyako Odori,” a famous traditional dance.

From Yasaka Shrine, the northern part of Gion is easily explored, crossing the Tatsumibashi Bridge and passing Tatsumi Daimyojin (a small street shrine), Gion Komori (a once dignified teahouse) and the Shirakawa Canal. (Note: depending on the location of the restaurant, the walking tour may need to backtrack to one of the places mentioned above).

After the walking tour, dinner will be enjoyed in a local restaurant serving kaiseki ryori (traditional multi-course dinner) in the company of a Maiko. During the dinner, there is ample opportunity to interact with the hostess and ask questions about her craft and the world of Geisha. During dinner, the Maiko will perform traditional dances and even invite guests to play Japanese drinking games.

After this unforgettable experience, it is time to return to the hotel and wind down from the day’s events.

Overnight at the Granvia Hotel, Kyoto

Time: Duration: 3~4 h

*including pick-up, drop-off, and transit times

DAY 7 - KyotoMealsMEALS [B]

Exo TravelDuration (guided tour): 8 h *including pick-up, drop-off, and transit times

Enjoy a half day of sightseeing today alongside an expert local guide with private transport.

The first stop is Nijo Castle. This ornamental castle, surrounded by stunning gardens, was built by the founder of the Edo Shogunate as his Kyoto residence. The main building was completed in 1603 and is well-known for its Momoyama architecture, decorated sliding doors, and ‘chirping’ nightingale floors.

Continue on to Kinkakuji, or the Golden Pavilion, which was originally built as a retirement villa for the Shogun. After his death, it became a Buddhist Temple at his request and is now one of Kyoto’s most famous temples.

Last stop will be in Kodai-ji, a famous Zen temple complex, located in the traditional Higashiyama district of Kyoto.

Although its many sub-temples are not normally open to the public, today guests will be able to attend an exclusive Japanese tea ceremony held here.

This traditional art will be performed by a professional teacher in the stunning setting of this temple founded more than 400 years ago.

After a stroll around the beautiful surrounding Zen garden, the ceremony begins with an explanation about Japanese tea and tea ceremony practice along with its long history and relation with Zen Buddhism. The tea master will also explain the meaning behind each movement involved in the making and serving of the tea.

During the ceremony, guests will also have the chance to try their hand at making tea as the teacher takes them through the main steps of the preparation.

The tea ceremony is followed by a session of Zazen meditation, one of the most important practices of Zen Buddhism.

Following the teacher’s instructions, guests will sit in the silence of the meditation room trying to empty their minds while adjusting posture, breathing slowly keeping their eyes half closed.

Afterwards, the guide will take the guests on a short walking tour around Higashiyama District, known for its picturesque views, historical temples, gently sloped stone stairways lined with tea houses and artisan shops.

The highlight of the area is Kiyomizu Temple. From its 13-meter high wooden balcony, a masterpiece of architecture built without the use of any kind of joiners, an impressive view of the whole city of Kyoto can be enjoyed.


- Kiyomizu-dera Temple is currently undergoing partial renovations.

Overnight in Kyoto at Granvia Hotel 4 stars (Superior)

DAY 8 - KyotoMealsMEALS [B]

The big day has arrived!

After breakfast, enjoy a professional hair styling and dress in a traditional Japanese wedding kimono.

Depart by private car to Kamigamo Shrine, the oldest Shinto shrine in Kyoto and a registered World Heritage Site accompanied by the hairdresser.

Take part in a traditional wedding ceremony administered by a Shinto priest in this tranquil and atmospheric shrine.

After the ceremony, return to the hotel to change clothes. Dinner tonight is a Wedding Dinner in a private room at the Granvia’s Rakusui Japanese restaurant.

Overnight in Kyoto at Granvia Hotel 4 stars (Superior)

DAY 9 - Kyoto - Ishigaki MealsMEALS [B]

Exo TravelKyoto to Kansai International Airport (KIX): 2 h Kansai Airport (KIX) to Ishigaki Airport (ISG): 2h 40 min (by plane) Ishigaki Airport to Ishigaki City: 15 min

This morning, private transport will be provided to Kansai Airport for the flight to Okinawa, an island chain located halfway between Japan and Taiwan.

During its long history, Okinawa has been both an independent country, as well as a protectorate under Chinese and U.S. rule, giving it a colourful culture found nowhere else in Japan.

The destination today is Ishigaki (approx. 2h20m), part of the Yaeyama Islands, famous for its clear waters, undiscovered beaches, forested interior and charming local character.

On arrival in Ishigaki, transfer directly to the Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort. The room features stunning views of the ocean; the afternoon is free to relax by the pool or beach.

Overnight in Ishigaki at Intercontinental Ishigaki Resort 5 stars (Deluxe)

DAY 10 - 12 - Ishigaki - TokyoMealsMEALS [B]

Exo TravelIshigaki Island to Taketomi Island: 10 min (via high speed ferry) Ishigaki Island to Iriomote Island: 60 min (via high speed ferry)

Enjoy the following 3 full days to relax on Ishigaki’s sandy beaches, discovering why the Okinawans live longer than anyone else in the world.

For the adventurous, Ishigaki offers some of Japan’s best snorkelling. It is also possible to hire a car to explore the island, or take a boat trip to one of the smaller Yaeyama Islands.

Taketomi Island, only 10 minutes by boat, has a population of just 300 and boasts a perfectly preserved Ryūkyū village. Slightly further away, Iriomote island is one of Japan’s last true wildernesses, with great hiking in the national park.

Overnight in Ishigaki

DAY 13 - Ishigaki - Tokyo MealsMEALS [B|D]

This morning, transfer to Ishigaki airport for the flight to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. The rest of the day is free for any last-minute sightseeing or shopping in Tokyo.

The farewell dinner tonight will take place at the New York Grill, located on the 52nd floor of the hotel, the Park Hyatt.

Best known as the restaurant featured in Lost In Translation, this four-course meal with amazing views of Tokyo is the perfect way to finish off the Japan Honeymoon.

Overnight in Park Hyatt, Tokyo

DAY 14 - Departure from TokyoMealsMEALS [B]

Spend the rest of the day at leisure until the included private transfer to Tokyo Airport.

Exo Travel

HOTELS & Details

Our Services Include:

  • Hotel accommodation in twin room with daily breakfast (for ryokan, minshuku, and other traditional accommodation, rooms are Japanese-style with futon and meals are half board)
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary (B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)
  • Meet and greet at the airport (Day 1) and return transfers to the airport by private car
  • 2-Day Hakone Free Pass
  • Taxi transfer from ryokan to Odawara Station on Day 6
  • Luggage transfer from Hakone to Kyoto on Day 6 (one luggage per person)
  • Bullet train ticket from Odawara Station to Kyoto Station (reserved seats, green class)
  • Private transfer from hotel in Kyoto to Kansai Airport on Day 9
  • Roundtrip taxi transfers from Ishigaki Airport to hotel
  • English-speaking guides for tours on Days 2-7
  • All entrance fees and private transfers during guided days
  • Tea ceremony and zazen on Day 7
  • Dinner with a Maiko on Day 6
  • Shinto wedding ceremony on Day 8
  • Information Pack

Our Services Do Not Include:

  • International and domestic flights (quoted separately)
  • Guide in Ishigaki
  • Some local transport (i.e. transfer from HND, transfers during stay in Ishigaki, etc.)
  • Meals other than mentioned above
  • Personal expenses (e.g. drinks, laundry, telephone, and other expenditures of a personal nature)
  • Travel insurance (please see below)
  • Other services not clearly indicated in the package inclusions above
  • Japan experiences dramatic pricing fluctuations based on Festivals, Domestic holidays and in some instances on weekends. Please consult with your Travel Consultant for exact pricing over a specific date. Reservations during weekends, peak season, and Japanese public holidays will be subject to supplementary charges.
  • Tsukiji Fish Market (Chuo district; around Shimbashi/Ginza area) is closed on Sundays, national holidays, and occasionally on Wednesdays.

*The planned relocation for the inner markets has been postponed until further notice.

  • The sake shop in Tokyo is closed during national holidays and on the 4th Saturday of each month.
  • Most of the shops in Kappabashi are closed on Sundays and national holidays.
  • Nijo Castle is closed on Tuesdays (or if Tuesday is a National holiday, closed the following day).
  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple is currently undergoing renovations (tentative date of completion: 2019).
  • A jikata, a Geisha who specializes in playing traditional Japanese musical instruments, can be arranged at an additional charge. Please inquire for the specific rates.
  • For safety reasons, some forms of transportation may stop operating in case of unfavorable weather conditions (i.e. helicopters, boats).
  • Please inform your Travel Consultant of any special dietary requirements and/or physical conditions that you may have.


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