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Most come to Asia to see its iconic highlights but leave with memories of the magical, hidden places they discovered along the way. Our Undiscovered Asia tours turn the standard idea of touring around. Hidden, seldom-seen places are the primary focus, while still reserving time to check out the iconic highlights.

Visions of Wild Asia

Asia presents a suite of options for nature lovers matched by no other place on Earth; sea or land. It contains the planet’s highest peaks in the Himalayas, the oldest rainforests in Borneo and the most biodiverse coral reefs in the Coral Triangle. See it all with our nature tours.

Intimate cultural experiences

What better way to experience the soul of a destination than through the eyes of its people? Homestay experiences are the ultimate form of cultural immersion. These exclusive encounters allow guests to interact and mingle with locals in our destinations for intimate and transformative cultural encounters like no other. 

Travel in Motion

Active Travel is the perfect balance between adventure and leisure. These tours are for travellers who enjoy being active outdoors, but also want time to relax while soaking up the splendours of a destination. They’re reasonably paced soft-adventures showcasing the very best of our destinations.

Authentic Asia for the Family

Asia is well-suited to family adventures. The diversity of options, extraordinary value and friendly people make it fun for all ages and easy on the wallet. As experts in family travel, we know travelling families have a very specific set of needs. As such, we’ve tailored each journey to keep everyone happy, comfortable and full while including plenty of special touches to create memories that last a lifetime.

Travel, One Dish at a Time

The only thing bigger than the continent of Asia is the reputation of its culinary traditions. From Japanese sushi and Chinese dim sum to Singaporean chili crab, Asia’s spices and flavours are among the world’s finest. Experience them from their source with in-depth culinary tours designed by local foodie experts.

Travel together, stay together

Boundless natural beauty, elegant dining, traditional cultures and top-notch service, all at extraordinary value. What more could one ask for in a romantic getaway? Whether planning that special getaway, celebrating marriage or rekindling the spirit of adventure, Asia offers couples options in spades, which we deliver in an extraordinary and memorable fashion.

Dare to Experience Asia

A growing number of travellers are looking for holidays that go far beyond simple sightseeing. EXO Adventures deliver all of the mystique, beauty and allure of Asia in packages fit for people who believe that the best way to experience a destination is to fill their lungs with its air. 

Straight to the heart of paradise

With prismatic waters, tropical weather, dramatic landscapes and abundant coral reefs, Asia is a dream for beach-goers. Whether on volcanic islands in Indonesia, jade waters in Vietnam or under swaying palm trees in Thailand, our beach tours reveal pure paradise. These encounters provide ample time for relaxation while including touches of adventure that make each place memorable. 

Iconic Places, Hidden Spaces

Classic Journeys are designed for travellers who want to touch, taste and feel the souls of destinations through their unique highlights and experiences. More than simple whirlwind tours, Classic Journeys marry iconic destinations and must-see spots with the hidden corners and below-the-skin experiences that make Asia so special.

The Best of Asia by Boat

Home to some of the world’s clearest waters and most dramatic coastlines, Asia is a dream setting for cruises. Whether it’s the skyline of Hong Kong from Victoria Harbour, the jungle-clad islets of Halong Bay or the far-flung islands of Komodo and Flores, EXO Cruising brings guests to the forefront of Asia’s burgeoning cruise scene.   

Tee Off in Amazing Places

With some of the world’s most dramatic scenery, favourable weather year-round and world-class courses, Asia does golf in unexpected and amazing ways. Whether in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia or even Myanmar, prepare to tee off on some of the world’s most stunning championship courses.

Asia Without Compromise

The combination of value, world-class services, top-notch amenities and stunning destinations make Asia the perfect setting for a luxury getaway. While offering touches of opulence and exclusivity at every stop, EXO's luxury tours are unique in that they never compromise authenticity -a perfect fusion of sumptuous splendour and legitimate travel experiences. 

Epic Short Journeys

While Asia lends itself to epic journeys, it also lends itself to amazing short trips. Whether an extended stopover or a short getaway from home, we have a portfolio of short trips designed to maximise the use of time, allowing travellers to get straight to the heart of a destination. 

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