Asia has such a dizzying array of places to see, things to do and foods to taste that the sheer variety of options can sometimes be overwhelming to guests who want to experience it all. To make travel easier than ever for guests, we’ve developed our very own Self Guide App. This all-encompassing pocket guide displays everything guests need to experience, and the best of Japan, right in the palm of their hand!

Self Guide has the best insider knowledge and info on popular places and undiscovered treasures for more than 30 cities. All guests need to do is download it from Google Play or App Store and they’re ready to go.

For added convenience and practicality, Self Guide works offline, so there are no data or roaming fees. The main page has all the guests’ important information including your company’s details, which can be customised with your logo, as well as 24/7 emergency contacts and a customised itinerary with flight details, trip agendas and modes of transportation which include time schedules and directions for everywhere guests need to go.

Each day, guests will have preloaded daily itineraries in both English and the local language to stay on track. The built-in Location Guide showcases local attractions, shopping areas, restaurants and more. Guests can read comments about each location and rate the places they visit. They even have an `Around Me’ option that tells them what not to miss in the areas they visit. Additionally, guests can use the instant message function should they need to contact our operations team while on the go.

Watch and find out how useful the Selfguide App in Japan is! 

In artificial reality or ‘AR’ mode, guests can hold their phones up and be guided in real time to their next destination for ultimate convenience and style. Alternatively, they can use maps instead, by entering where and w hen they want to go for directions and ratings of nearby places.

They can even share memories with family and friends in the Journal section, and so much more including useful utilities like Subway Maps, Currency Converter and Reviews.

Thailand and Cambodia apps are also slated for release later this year, so stay watch this space as we continue to leverage technology to make working with us as easy as possible and provide guests with the ultimate services and experiences of Asia.

Want to find out more? Reach out to us to find out how we can include it in your next booking – [email protected]