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Location: Thailand

The Sustainability Leader is in charge of developing and coordinating the implementation of the EXO sustainable road map in Thailand, and supporting EXO Foundation in its charity and sustainable development projects and activities.

S/he acts as bridge between EXO departments to implement sustainability principles and foster actions among managers as well as towards suppliers and clients.

role and responsibilities


  • To pursue the ongoing processes, staff trainings, lead the country STeam (Sustainability Team composed of our most committed staff)
  • Assist MICE/ Adventure/ Inbound /Product departments in designing responsible tourism offers and services involving suppliers and clients moving towards more sustainability
  • Optimize the positive impacts of EXO operations on communities’ livelihoods, the culture, and the environment both within the offices and along tours
  • Disseminate best practices (paper, water, energy, procurement) among the various offices
  • Coordinate and/or deliver internal and external (suppliers) training, organize brainstorming sessions with colleagues to identify possible sustainability measures. Contribute to, edit and distribute internal sustainability bulletins/booklets
  • Integrate policies and actions for staff, suppliers and customers – achieving sustainability objectives often requires partnerships that involves understanding, collaboration and action by all three groups
  • Assist in identification and management of charity activities for the Foundation and clients
  • Follow implementation of measures and monitoring developments. Produce progress reports and action plans to the general management, track and report relevant data, maintains a database of knowledge
  • Responsible for managing and updating Travelife platform


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in tourism/responsible tourism/sustainable development, social development or environmental issues
  • Knowledge of the destination is a plus, experience in working within Asian culture is helpful
  • Knowledge of social and environmental certification a must
  • Knowledge and practice of E-commerce, social media, excel spreadsheets
  • Working experience at NGOs is helpful
  • Open for locals and international applicants


  • Excellent communication skills, a team leader able to communicate with people from different backgrounds of education/cultures and able to get people committed
  • Good writing skills, English fluency required, and/or local language a plus
  • Mature, flexible, creative, patient, rigorous, and able to conduct multi tasks
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